Add a "Private Room with Private Bathroom" designation for Room Type

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As Guests, we love to stay in Private Rooms when we travel... It's usually cheaper, it's great to have a local "Host", and we enjoy seeing how real people live in the towns we visit. That said, we don't really like sharing a bathroom! So when searching for a room, I usually choose to see only the "Private Room"s. But then I need to filter through those results manually to figure out which ones have a private bathroom, and which are shared. Why not have a 4th "Room Type" option: Entire Home; Private Room with Private Bath; Private Room with Shared Bath; Shared Room. 


I know this idea has been mentioned several times on Host Voice already, and I've up-voted it already... to no effect. So I'm trying again. 


Airbnb, please pay attention! It's an idea whose time is looooong overdue.

Ric11 in
Salford, United Kingdom
Level 4

Yes please

Wei-and-Ting0 in
Victoria, Australia
Level 10
There's already a private bathroom filter, but there's another distinction that's missing on Airbnb: "attached" vs "unattached" bathrooms. So there are really four bathroom types: 1. private attached, 2. private unattached, 3. shared attached, and 4. shared unattached. Of these four the private attached is the most special, aka an Ensuite, and should be highlighted somehow on Airbnb.
Big-Mamma-S-Budget-Rooms0 in
Hvar, Croatia
Level 2

yes please, all my rooms are Ensuite, and most guests are surprised to see they have private bathroom in their room (especially we are budget friendly ). it is a nice surprise but still...

Level 4

My listings all say, in the description "Bedroom and Bath ENSUITE"..... There is no way this can be misunderstood and it is right in the description so no need to search further. I can't imagine sharing a bathroom with a stranger.... 

Ivan-and-Wendy0 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 5

Wei & Ting, 

Where is the private bathroom filter? I can only see 3 Home Types when I search, Entire Place, Private Room, and Shared Room. I checked filters, and don't see one for "Private Bathroom"... Maybe it rolled out early for you? I've been hoping and asking for this feature for a looong time, so I hope that's the case!

Happy hosting, Ivan

Michele4 in
Munich, Germany
Level 9

There is no private bathroom filter, it's long overdue.

Please add it, putting it in the description just isn't enough. My guests sometimes are quite surprised having a bathroom of their own.

Level 4

Is not "ensuite" equivalent to saying bedroom and bath together and totally private?   If I am wrong, please tell me.

Ivan-and-Wendy0 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 5

Guillem, I believe that "en suite" means the bathroom is IN the bedroom, ie, the bath is private, and you don't need to leave the bedroom to get to it. Ours is not en-suite, but it IS private. We have had many guests surprised by the situation on arrival, some thrilled to discover that they would not be sharing the bathroom, and some frustrated that their private bath was down the hall. Airbnb, PLEASE make a room with a private bath distinction. It is long overdue. 

Ivan-and-Wendy0 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 5

They did it! I just noticed a listing with a private bath designation on the main page, so I browsed around, and indeed, the listings all say either Private Bathroom or Shared Bathroom, right there on the screen where Guests can easily see it. Hooray! Great idea! Thanks for listening, airbnb. 

Corinna0 in
Vienna, Austria
Level 3

Sorry, this question may be weird, but what does an "attached bathroom" mean? I tried researching it, but can't find anything really useful. If I have a "whole apartment" available for booking, is the bathroom always attached? Thanks for clarifying, I know this question doesn't exactly fit in that group - thanks for your help! 

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