Add amenity: "PRIVATE BATH"

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As guest AND host, "PRIVATE BATH" is an important amenity worthy of searchability.


It is beyond frustrating that "safety card" is searchable in the age of 911, yet "private bath" is not.

I mean, whaaat???


Please, Airbnb, INCLUDE IT ASAP!


Then, when you're able, add custom keyword search. But for now, come on...

John-and-Greg0 in
San Jose, CA
Level 2

Please include "Shared Bath" too!

Deborah1 in
Beaufort, SC
Level 10

If it is not private, then it is shared, right? Why would you include both?

Sandra126 in
Daylesford, Australia
Level 10

@Deborah1, guests need it spelled out. Stating Shared Bath is a good idea, as it comes as a surprise to many guests.

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager
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David641 in
Union Bridge, MD
Level 3

When traveling, this is THE most important item for us. We don't really care about much else, so long as the space is clean and meets our size needs, but if a listing doen't include something that indicates it has a private bath, it's on to the next one. As a host, we have an "Entire house" listing, so the bath is part of that and only the guests have access to it, but for a single room listing, a private bath identificaton is imperitive.

Keith1 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 10

This exists now:<Listing ID Number>/basics


go to manage your listing then choose "basics" under the hamburger menu on the left side.


Choices are shared or Private.


Unfortunately, I have a shared full bath and a private half bath, so this isn't as complete as I'd like but it's better than nothing.


Christopher187 in
Urbana, IL
Level 10

Private bath is HUGE and should be a primary search item.  Dates, number of people, private/shared bath.

Dorothy59 in
Erie, PA
Level 2

Yes! I was going to add this as something for AirBnB to update.  When guests search for "Private Room" it is difficult to differenciate between private rooms that have private baths vs. shared baths.  Please either add to room type "Private Room with Private Bath" & "Private Room with Shared Bath"  OR when a guest selects "Private Room" in the room type, allow the additional filter to show the option of "Private Bath" or "Shared Bath."


Even if you put in the filters that you want 1+ bathroom when you select "Private Room" it still does not filter out whether or not the private room has a shared or private bath.  


I have people asking me to discount my rate to match other listings near me and I have to ask them whether or not the room they are comparing mine to has a private bath, and often times the answer is no.  I found having the private bath increases my booking rate, and would probably have more bookings if it was easier for guests to narrow listings down to only those that have private baths.  I am looking forward to this feature being updated!

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