Adding a search filter for Private Bathroom and Shared Bathroom

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It would help considerably ifthe search filters could include, Shared Bathroom and Private Bathroom? I think it would help a lot. My place is priced just a little more than others in my area but that is because guests get a brand new private bathroom! However when looking through properties in the area, guests just see that mine is slightly more expensive but it is infact very good value if you do not have to share the bathroom with several people!  Personally, when I travel and use Airbnb, I always want a private bathroom but have to trawl through loads of listings that do not differentiate before I find one.  It really cannot be that difficult to add this as a folter, can it?

Louise0 in
New South Wales, AU
Level 10

I think there should be 3 filters/fields for bathroom - shared, private and ensuite.   

What I don't understand is why all the available search filters don't mirror each of the data fields.   If this data is relevant enough that Airbnb asks hosts to supply it, surely it's important enough to use as a search filter?


Caroline616 in
Swanage, United Kingdom
Level 4

I agree Lousie.  My question is, do Airbnb actually read this forum and act on it?  


Rachel0 in
London, GB
Level 10

@Caroline616 No I don't expect they do read the  forum or act on it, otherwise we would not have so many issues that remain unresolved.  I have put "Private Bathroom" in my listing title but agree that it would be a great idea to have that option available on the search filter.

David641 in
Union Bridge, MD
Level 3

I can't agree more. When my wife and I travel, we want a private bath. I would expect my guests would also want to be able to search for that!

Louise231 in
Manchester, United Kingdom
Level 10

Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with @Louise0 (Hi from another Louise!)


Private vs Ensuite are very different things.

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