Adjusting a reservation after the trip has started should not require AIRBNB intervention

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Two of my past three guests have asked to make adjustments after their trips have started. In both cases, the guest wanted to adjust the number of people who would be staying. In both cases, these requests came in after they arrived. 

In both cases I asked the guest to submit a request to adjust their reservation and I would approve. And in both cases, I received notification that I could not make changes once the trip had started.  This is STUPID and an incredible inconvenience to both the host and the guest.

I contacted support to see if it was a glitch on my end since others in the ABB Community stated they have made changes to reservations during the trips in the past.  Support confirmed that the current programming would not allow these changes to be made without their assistance.

We are not professional hotel concierges. We have lives and real jobs that pay our bills. We do not always have time to address these issues.  It took nearly 4 hours for this to be resolved via support the first time. The second time, the guest made the request while I was with my family for Easter and I did not have the time to deal with support. 

In both cases I should have been able to go to the app and click "accept" and problem solved in a matter of seconds. By not allowing us to make these changes after the trip has started (especially since per AIrBNB policy all guests must be listed on the reservation), you have made this a cumbersome and time consuming process.  This is NOT acceptable.  

New York, NY
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A guest decided to remove one night from his stay with me this week and I was able to make the alteration automatically.  Haven't had to add a guest onto the reservation but yes, it shouldn't require us to call it in.

Manchester, GB
Level 10

I think after the reservation has started and the payment is close to being paid they don't want to change it unless via Airbnb. For a refund ect.


If you want to adjust quick and easy after the reservation has started, do it via the resolution centre rather than trying to change the reservation like you would before they arrive.


Then as long as you and guest both approve (get them to send the money and you can just aprove it is the easiest option if you want to make sure they do it before the person is allowed in) it's quick because it doesnt alter the original payment, it takes another one on top- i.e. an extra £20 for a 2nd person for 2 nights is just an extra payment for £20, stead of asking airbnb to change the original payment from £100 to £120, which is a right fafff with phone calls ect.

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