AirBnB for individuals not for companies

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AirBnB started as a sharing service between individuals. Guests are looking for a new and personal experience in someones home. Host wants the best experience for people in their homes. 

Now I see more and more commercial companies using AirBnB to rent homes. Some of these companies are renting up to 100 different homes. This is no sharing anymore,what's the difference with an ordinary hotel. These homes are only used for renting the whole year and making as much profit as possible. This made cities like Berlin, Barcelona and Paris to change the rules and make it almost impossible to use AirBnB as an individual. 


So I would like to ask AirBnB to go back where it all started. Share your own home, or a room in your own home.  And make it impossible for commercial companies with large amounts of apartments to profit from AirBnB. They are damaging the good intentions of a lot of hosts. 


Reponse from Airbnb


We really appreciate the fact that the Airbnb host community cares about the mission and future of Airbnb. Last year, hosts asked the founders a similar question during Q&A at Open. You can watch the full video in the Community Center.


Our mission is to create a world where everyone belongs. For that to happen, we will always work with our community of hosts to create a more inclusive product that helps people find a place to feel connected, respected, and a part of a community again.


This is the main reason why our product is constantly expanding. At the beginning, Airbnb was only a platform for air mattresses. And it slowly transitioned to rooms and later to entire homes. Now, we’re growing from homes to global experiences that change the way people travel.


That doesn’t mean that we care any less about our individual hosts. On the contrary, we are constantly thinking about new ways to empower our hosts. Last year, we launched co-hosting and experience hosting to provide product solutions that expand our hosts’ economic opportunities beyond their private homes.


Empowering our hosts allows our community to support travelers all over the world despite the wide variety of hosting patterns and different regulations that govern home sharing in regions throughout the world. We remain committed to working with housing-constrained cities to ensure our platform is not impacting housing supply.

Additionally, we’ll continue to work closely with our hosts in such efforts like Host Voice to ensure that they feel that they have a space to establish an open dialogue and that they see us as partners in defining the future of home sharing.


Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

@Marsha11  Try your state Farm Bureau agency...I am paying about $140/year extra on my homeowners...but my guest house is separate. Different companies have widely ranges prices on insurance.  I started renting with a $270 Umbrella policy which covered the Abnb part.  My isurance company would not insure it but my agent found the extra policy for me. 

Rebecca181 in
Florence, OR
Level 10

@Amy38 I found out that Farm Bureau is only available in Tennessee...

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10
@Rebecca0I believe there is a Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance company in a number of states. But if not there is Personal Umbrella which is located in Emeryville,CA and which I used before Farm Bureau.
Marsha11 in
Eugene, OR
Level 2

Thanks Amy...why did you switch to Personal Umbrella?


Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

I was with Personal Umbrella with my old agent but switch to Farm Bureau because I was changing all my insurance. My main insurer just went too high...they tried to charge me an extra1000/year for simply inquiring if some damage was covered.

Michele4 in
Munich, Germany
Level 9

I would encourage a strict distinction between private and commercial hosts. Ideally with some sort of "airbnb plus" or at least a clearly visible hint like a badge or different color.

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