Airbnb doesn't monitor this forum.

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I wish I could say that all of our reviews are being listened to but I really have not seen Airbnb comment on anyone's responses in this community of Host's.


I know they have a long list of complaints to resolve but this entire forum isn't being monitered even weekly lol



I would just like to see more activity from Airbnb showing their concern for Hosts.


Thank you for reading by the way !


- Gerry :)

Andrew in
Berlin, Germany
Level 10

I agree. I wish Airbnb reps would interact more with the community outside of the context of customer-service tickets. 

Susan in
Urrbrae, Australia
Level 4

My understanding is that they do not pay any attention to posts that do not attract lots of comments. If we post something that people care about (I think the threshold is over 30 comments) then it gets posted on the "featured" category and then Airbnb responds. I recently posted a thread about the silent increases in Airbnb fees, but it did not attract much attention. I take this to mean that Hosts are not too concerned about Airbnb trying to force Hosts to put down their prices, while Airbnb silently increases their take. To be fair, if Hosts are not concerned enough to register their views, then why would Airbnb take note of the complaints of a tiny handful of people? My view is that if we have concerns, we need to take responsibility for some action. If we don't react, then any corporation would take that to mean people are OK with what's happening. 

Cormac in
Kraków, Poland
Level 10



A company that espouses "community" values that does not even review the aforemention community post say it all to me.


I wish the 80% of Hosts would wake up and start demanding lower fees and much better service from their overlords.


The 20% I did not mention have high occupany and high nightly fee and can look after themselves.

Cormac in
Kraków, Poland
Level 10



Airbnb control the blogs and bury bad news fast I have also been complaining about Airbnb fees and service, but because of the fragment nature of this system Ten people can write a similar complaint and have only one of two responses.


Check out my comments on your post on the fee issue.


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