All guests to be listed on a booking

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I would like to see details of all guests listed on the booking (with agest of those under 18).


Response from Airbnb

Today when a guest books we require guests to tell you how many guests are coming, and we recently improved this by requiring guests to tell you how many children and infants are coming as well (you can always state that your listing is not suitable for children or infants). We also require guests to tell you the purpose of their trip at time of booking. We currently encourage guests to submit the names of each guest that is coming, but do not currently require it.


Follow up from Airbnb - May 26th, 2017

At this time we’re not going to make it a requirement that guests provide identity details for every person in their party, including ages of those under 18 years old. However, as a host you can indicate in your House Rules that guests booking your home must provide certain details, including the ages of those under 18 years old.

When guests book your home, they must explicitly agree to your House Rules. This is true whether your listing is Instantly Bookable or not. As a host you may decline a reservation request, or cancel a reservation, if you feel that the guest is not be able to follow your house rules.

Redmond, WA
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Absolutely - especially since airbnb asks guests to fill in contact info for everyone in the party!

Level 10

Yes!  This would discourage bringing extra guests.

Jacksonville, FL
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It would greatly improve safety and trust in the Airbnb community.

Budapest, Hungary
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Got my vote.


(I have previously added a new thread....registering of each adult in a group.....and the subject of damage- problem groups...

(especially relevant in Europe where many youngsters go on cheap train ticket for 1 month all over Europe....on mega drinking and nightlife trip for many/most)


many are not house trained...and sadly owners are often stand in mothers and have to clean up every day behind such groups....and they make damage and of course do not report it.


2) If Airbnb does not allow it then an owner needs to be allowed to include in damage costs for

- costs for administration of a damage claim

- costs for time to go and get replacement items


(I made a claim for 20 euros damage...take initial photos of damage...but there was also 3 uses of the washing machine (1 at 60C) to try to get trashed sheets photos after washing..and the hassle to then make a claim and buy new items)


3) if a group makes damage and intentionally hides it....should Airbnb not AUTOMATICALLY ban all the people in such a group.....and ban their review....


to try to do something to protect owners...


(I had a bad group....but they will now just register under adult number 2 to make new reservations and the other owners will never see the bad review that the group got under adult number 1.

BUt perhaps Airbnb does not care....since with new reservations via adult 2 leading the group they still get commission...


other owners then perhaps get similar damage to what I sufferred....


and if the group causes problems for reservations made under adult 2 then they just register a new group under adult number 3....and never suffer for being a problem group...


4) If Airbnb takes ID data from each person in a group why is summary data not provided to owners ?


especially noting the security risks in modern world...hidden info should not be allowed 

Port Angeles, WA
Level 1

I agree

British Columbia, Canada
Level 4

I agree all guests names and ages should be given to the host at time of request to book.

i don't instant book as I want to have the chance to ask guests to tell me about themselves before booking.

Level 2

I agree

Markham, Canada
Level 2

I agree. Having all guests registered is a great idea.  Best is don't allow instant booking. This way you can find out more about the guest (s). I don't allow instant booking.

Pemba, Mozambique
Level 3

Absolutely AirBnB should be making this mandatory.  All guests booked should be duly identified and verified. Sorry in this day and age it is the only way to set up a safety net for the host.

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