Allow Hosts to Set Different Cancellation Policies for Certain Dates

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Just like we have the ability to set certain prices for certain dates, and minimum stays for certain dates, we should be able to set the cancellation policy for certain dates. 


For example, I am a host in Louisville. The biggest event of the year for us is the Kentucky Derby. If I have my cancellation policy set to Flexible and a guest cancels the day before the Derby...I'm going to potentially miss out on thousands of $$$. It is very difficult to get last minute bookings for this event - I know because this has happened to me. 


However, if I enforce a strict cancellation policy year round, this may deter guests from booking with me. So, I'm torn. Do I maintain a flexible cancellation policy and hope that my guest doesn't cancel for this one special event? Or do I enforce a strict cancellation policy year round and possibly turn off potential guests? 


The best solution is for Airbnb to allow hosts to change their cancellation policy for specific dates. Who's with me? 

Rachel in
Saint-Jean-d'Aulps, France
Level 5

Agreed Alexandria.

I just have to set a strict cancellation policy all year round as I operate in a ski resort and I simply cannot risk having empty calendars in high season, when properties are very sought after. But there are other times of the year (spring, autumn) when I would like to operate a flexible policy in order not to deter bookings - and I can't.

Ron in
Galveston, TX
Level 7

I have found the Moderate Cancellation Policy to be fairly effective in curtailing cancellations on a friends listing I have helped her with for over a year for most cases.
There are two events here that are very similar to Alexandria's and we got screwed last year on the fall event when somone canceled literally at the last second. 
Even with 7days to book before the event, we only filled 2 of 7 highseason nights.
I wonder if before booking them, when you get the request, let them know for those dates you must turn on the strict cancellation policy.
If they agree, go in and change the policy and then approve their dates noting the strict cancellation policy.
Then change it back after the booking.

Lauren in
Rockport, MA
Level 7

Thank you Alexandria for posting this suggestion - I discovered this forum and came here specifically because I want to let Airbnb know how important this is. We have a high season (summer) and this month we've had 3 last-minute cancellations totalling 30% of our revenue: one death, one job-loss and one unexplained (assuming I can trust the explanations). There is no reason for us to be "strict" all the time, but we need to be during July and August. Please Airbnb - help us remain flexible and accommodating most of the time, by allowing us to hold those who take up our "Prime Time" more accountable for their reservations!

John in
Coral Springs, FL
Level 1

Does anyhone know how to get INVITATION FOR SUPER STRICT POLICY? I would prefer a 100% refund if cancelled 30 days prior, but super strict will work if I can get teh invitation????


I also would prefer to allow a 100% refund if evacuation for a named storm is forecast. (Home is in Florida Keys.) I do not see how to do this, or know if AirBNB would allow.


I have a vacation rental where people normally plan 3 to 6 months in advance. Hard to fill if someone cancels 7 days in advance.

John in
Coral Springs, FL
Level 1

The first comment states we can have different rates for different seasons. How do you do that? I need that capability.

Catherine in
San Anselmo, CA
Level 3

I would like this option as well.  In the past I have written in the listing that certain dates are under the strict cancellation policy and that they should contact me first so that I can change the policy and then book. Unfortunately, that does not work because they have to send a request with dates.  There is no option to just contact with just a question.  If you change the policy after the request has been made, it does not change.  You would have to let it expire or tell the guest to cancel.  Never cancel on your end!  So this year, I plan to change my policy to strict in Nov for the peak season of Dec - March.  Most of the time, we get booked well in advance so this is not a perfect solution.  

Lauren in
Rockport, MA
Level 7

Although this is not the avenue for venting I would like to illustrate the severity of the problem. Our highest  earning month - August - was fully booked (just 2 singleton open days) until the cancellations started coming in (2 for full refund, 1 subject to cancellation penalty). A total of 12 days! One death, one job loss and one no explanation (assuming we can believe the explanations), amounting to 33% of the booked revenue for that month (and did I mention this was our highest month???). We were only able to fully book the cancellation due to death (which horribly is the one that incurred the penalty), so we refunded her money. But we are now looking at 8 vacant days at the end of the season, when no one is making vacation plans anymore.


PLEASE Airbnb, this seems like a very necessary change. You've invested so much into your arcane Cancellation Categories - can you now respond to your host customers and give us some badly needed tools to avoid being taken advantage of? We like to be flexible and often we're good with "nothing" (full refund) but at certain times of year we have to be strict. This is no different from weekend minimums and weekend pricing. Please?????

Kristen in
Louisville, KY
Level 2

I can imagine it makes it exceptionally complicated in their algorithms to add the feature to differntiate during strict and non strict policies. Other sites allow this but they do not have near the following as airbnb.

Gabriela in
Brașov, Romania
Level 2

This is super important!

Seasonality means you need to be flexible and able to adapt to different scenarios. This should be a no-brainer. I'm just writing this down to let Airbnb know that there are a LOT of people that need this feature. It's not a nice-to-have, this is a must-have!

Jenn in
Lockhart, TX
Level 2

Hi Airbnb,


This is a very important feature for us to have so that we can discourage cancelations during the higher seasons for us, like the Christmas holidays.  


Please add this feature! 


Thank you,


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