Allow Video Tours via Upload or Embed

Status changed to: Archived
It's 2016 and video is critical to the success of a vacation rental. Please allow hosts to either upload video, include a YouTube or Vimeo link or insert corresponding embed code to our listings.

This feature is already available on other popular platforms and Airbnb should be leading the charge in this area!
Stephan2 in
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Level 10

Good idea!

btw you can already add a 30 seconds video in your profile about yourself/host profile. 

Mike148 in
Châteauroux, France
Level 2

I agree that it would be great ! A 30 second video with a webcam isn't long enough.


Steve2 in
Reno, NV
Level 2

I suggested this at the Airbnb Open in Paris as well as several other times since it is truely a benifit for everyone.I also want to be able to have a video showing guest how to use the keyless entry lock.Nothing any funner then late night guest not understanding the keyless entry.


Carl + Danielle in
United States
Level 4

They couldn´t check if you tell contact data in the video.  ;;)

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived
Steven74 in
United States
Level 9

 Hi, just trying to understand how this works - why was the status of this idea archived? What does it mean?

TMcribs in
Cebu City, Philippines
Level 2

Hello I would like to add my two cents... Video like many of the above comments have stated is crucial in the success of a listing. Please consider.

Mark339 in
Loveland, CO
Level 2

I would really like to be able to post a video of my property as well. I understand that Airbnb is worried about the sharing of contact info in a video and that it would be difficult to check them all. Perhaps a warning about an automatic penalty if anyone is discovered sharing contact info if found in random checks of videos? My property is in the backcountry and the photos are what sells it now and a video would be even better. Please consider this idea.

Annie140 in
Olympia, WA
Level 1

Video MUST be included in profiles. I cannot believe it is not.

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