Allow changeover date blocking on calendar

Allow changeover date blocking on calendar

I was considering setting my listing to instant book but found when talking to my cleaner that there were days that she couldn't do a changeover. I could of course set that day as blocked on the calendar but it would potentially stop someone making a booking that spans that blocked date, obviously not satisfactory.


It would be great to have a type of date blocking where a date is intelligently automatically blocked for trips beginning or ending on that date.


For example:

If the cleaner was not available on the 4th of June a "changeover" block would be set for that date. Anyone making a booking for a period that spanned the 4th would be able to make their booking as normal. If however someone booked with the checkout date being the 4th then the 4th would then be blocked out automatically to allow the changeover clean to be completed on the 5th. 


Similarly if someone booked to commence on the 4th then the 3rd would be blocked out automatically to allow the changeover clean to be completed on the 3rd.

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I think this is a really good idea! 


I am in the same boat, there are just some days I can not clean in time for a guest. 


I have set my calendar you so that it blocks off automatically one day before and one day after a booking.  If I know I can actually clean the room on that particular day then I open the day back up to bookings. 


However, there is a new feature I have noticed under check in settings. You can select certain days of the week that you don't want people to be able to check in.  Great idea! BUT its not ideal when it changes each week. 


There is a further sentance that says, along the lines of, unless you have a specific date, or something similar. However I can't find anywhere on the app that allows you to enter a specific day. Maybe this a bug in the feature that they are trying to fix. Fingers crossed! 

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I'm so eagar to get have this implemented. 


I just want to be able to say no check ins on certain dates! 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AirBNB, do this as a feature! At the moment, i can only block the dates off fully which means not only is that lost revenue to me, but lost revenue to yourselves! 



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So I have finally found out that you can in fact do this. But it's a little long winded. I'll try and explain 


Firstly you can only do it from a normal browser and not from the app. 


Go to availability, then length of stay. Click edit. Scroll to bottom and click add another requirement. 


For during section, from drop down choose specific dates. Select the same start and end date that you don't want someone to check in on. Then set your minimum day, this can still be 1 night. 


Then in the check in day, choose the day in front of the date you are picking.  For example, if you choose a date on Tuesday, then check in day will be Monday.  


This allows the room to be sold for the day, and a guest can check out on the day, or the guest can stay over the day, but it does not allow a guest to check in on this day. 


Little long winded but great to be able to do it. 


Just would be a lot easier if you could directly select to not allow check in on a certain date. 


Hope this helps! 






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Thank YOU.. I only want sunday checkins so helped tremendously.. 😉