Ask guests to specify their arrival time

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For every guest, I always have to ask them their specific arrival time so that I can be home to meet them. It would be great if when guests make a reservation, there's an option to ask them to specify their intended arrival time.


I understand sometimes people don't know the exact arrival time, especially when they make reservation a few months in advance. In that case, we can make the arrival time changeable.


Response from Airbnb

Thank you for this Idea. We actually built this and tested this with hosts and guests and have found that a very small percentage of guests actually know their arrival time when they book. Guests generally know when they are checking-in exactly the day before or day of. Instead of requiring guests to input arrival/checkin time during booking we are doing three things:

  1. Requiring guests to explicitly agree to your check-in window when they book, to make sure they will check-in between that range. Host Voice Response
  2. If you use instant book, we require the guest to select their check-in time if they are arriving within the next 24 hours, and if they cannot check-in during your acceptable range they cannot instant book. Host Voice Response 
  3. We are going to encourage guests to provide arrival time as part of their message to you when they send a request or instant book.
Nancy67 in
Charleston, SC
Level 10

Perhaps we just have to face we live in an over-communicated society? I gloss right over and delete the reminders constantly sent to me about impending guests and reservations-- They remind me everytime, to "tidy up the bathroom and have a few breakfast items on hand., etc"


Conversley, the reminder email they send a guest might include "Be sure and contact your host and inform them of your arrival time, a few days out, and do your best to be prompt."


Maybe it already does??


I wouldn't know as I am so busy cleaning 2 spaces, washing sheets, mopping floors, cutting flowers and baking bread, on top of  being obsessive about trying to keep everything magazine perfect  that I dont have time to come see any of you-- But I promise, if I ever do, I will absolutly let you know when I'm going to be there, well in advance and make it happen or let you know if there is a good reason why I can't.



Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Jude7 in
Rhinebeck, NY
Level 10

Excellent idea! It's probably the question I most ask, and the response will occasionally impact my decision to accept, or not.



Coral3 in
New York, NY
Level 3

In addition to desired check-in/out time, it would be great to have fields for arrival and departure flight numbers as well. I often ask guests to provide both so I can monitor their flight status in case of early/late arrival. This way, guests who may not have a phone on them don't have to worry about notifying me when their plane is delayed.

Fiona-and-Keith-and-Fami0 in
Richmond, VA
Level 10

I make it part of my house rules: 


Rule 1: Read the listing details

Rule 2: Confirm you have read, and shared as apppropriate, the listing details and that the space is suitable for your travel needs and you're OK with the house rules.

Rule 3: When sending us a reservation request, please message us with BOTH your rough arrival AND departure times so that we (my family & I) can coordinate our schedules and plan our time. Many thanks!


Best wishes for happy hosting!

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San Francisco, CA
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Mara24 in
Scottsdale, AZ
Level 2

Totally agree. In the meantime, and said by other house, I always communicate with the guest prior to arrival and ask their arrival time.

Daniel351 in
Eau Claire, WI
Level 1

Perhaps adding a time frame field for arrival and departure times would be nice for me as a host. This is always the first thing I need to ask my guests. 

Michael513 in
Portland, OR
Level 1

I can only endorse to the bulk of the comments on a Guests Arrival time feature. My hope is that AirBnb will add this to the listing page. We ask, because not all guests know, for Best Guess Arrival time. That way,it at least puts you in the ball park. Thanks to all that AirBnb and Guest hosts do!

John231 in
Calgary, Canada
Level 2

If this were a democracy. I would vote YES! It is much easier to plan my life if I have an idea of the guests' arrival time. It also assures me they have noted the check-in time specified on the listing. Also that they understand that an arrival time of (eg) 03:00 on the 2nd  means that they have to book for the 1st. If I had my druthers, the Host could make it manditory. I already put it in the house rules that they have to include that information but it is ralely included without further proompting.

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