Ask guests to specify their arrival time

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For every guest, I always have to ask them their specific arrival time so that I can be home to meet them. It would be great if when guests make a reservation, there's an option to ask them to specify their intended arrival time.


I understand sometimes people don't know the exact arrival time, especially when they make reservation a few months in advance. In that case, we can make the arrival time changeable.


Response from Airbnb

Thank you for this Idea. We actually built this and tested this with hosts and guests and have found that a very small percentage of guests actually know their arrival time when they book. Guests generally know when they are checking-in exactly the day before or day of. Instead of requiring guests to input arrival/checkin time during booking we are doing three things:

  1. Requiring guests to explicitly agree to your check-in window when they book, to make sure they will check-in between that range. Host Voice Response
  2. If you use instant book, we require the guest to select their check-in time if they are arriving within the next 24 hours, and if they cannot check-in during your acceptable range they cannot instant book. Host Voice Response 
  3. We are going to encourage guests to provide arrival time as part of their message to you when they send a request or instant book.
John231 in
Calgary, Canada
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The Guest arrival time is partially implimented. If a guest books using instant booking the day before arriving, they must select an arrival time. If they book earlier, they just have to acknowledge they have read your arrival time.

John231 in
Calgary, Canada
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as per the off topic question: I still don't fully understand. Are you asking "Does AirBnB automatically charge a guest extra if they check out late?" If that is your question, then the answer is "no." You must go to the reservation and request money. If the guest agrees, they will pay. If they do not agree, you can involve AirBnB and they may charge the guest.


If I don't understand your question than it is because I don't know what you mean by "Day Use."

Manuela54 in
Siem Reap, Cambodia
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i cannot understand why the function has been implemended only if the guest book one day before ? should be ( on my opinion) at anytime.

we requested money when the guests are polite and advise us of their late depature but most of them didn't do this because they think that they don't have to pay....

for me, if the function is fully implemented, AirBnb don't have to take any commission on the day use... it is not correct.. hope they do not..



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