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I really need to be able to filter properties by bed type. I am 6'4" tall so need a King size bed to be comfortable. At the moment only some properties list the size of the bed using the bed icon chart which is good but this should be mandated for all property owners to use. Additionally there needs to be a filter added to sort properties by the size of the bed. i.e. King Size filter would only show properties with a King Size bed. Queen size filter would show properties with Queens and Kings etc. 

Cormac0 in
Kraków, PL
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As a host, I often thought about this issue, in Poland it’s not unusual to see people 2m tall and bigger!


On my listing, I show the size of the beds in the photo captions, but as you rightly point out one cannot search for bed size currently, my beds sizes are 140X220 and 160X220.


I think in differant countries beds designated as King and Queen are actaully differant sizes just to complcate matters.


Andrew, I support you request and hopefully more host will get on board.




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Liz177 in
Earlysville, VA
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Good idea. I discovered that a King sized bed in the UK is what we call a Queen size in the U.S.  It was not a happy discovery!

Rebecca-and-Richard0 in
Somerville, MA
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Absolutely. I'm a superhost but I often use a hotel, rather than AirBnB, because we need a king bed when we travel. It takes too long to comb through listings to find this information.

Jeffrey105 in
Sussex, WI
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Yep, it is just too annoying to comb through listings looking for bed sizes, then emailing hosts when it's not stated and not clear from pictures. This is one of the main reasons we rarely bother with airbnb, king beds are very rare in these listings to begin with and it is just too much trouble to find them.

Only ever stayed in one airbnb. It was when we were looking for an extended stay with a kitchen in a limited area, so it was worth the trouble to dig through all the possibilities to find the few with a king.


To deal with the different sizes in other countries they could simply list some kind of equivalent size ranges. For example something like:


double/full = ~140cm

queen or equivalent, width = ~150 cm 

super queen (or something like that?) , width = ~160 cm

king or equivalent, width min 180 cm 

David1612 in
North Adams, MA
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I'm 6'6" so I share this problem. I often spend between 1 and 2 months of each year traveling, and most often do so outside of the US. I'm a big fan of airbnb and have booked dozens of rooms through the site. With that said, I have booked more through other sites - such as - only because they list the size of the bed. Requiring that hosts list the dimensions/type of their beds and/or including a filter on the site would be great. 

Robin270 in
Phoenix, AZ
Level 1

I heartily agree!  I hate having to comb through listing after listing after listing looking for a king size bed, which my husband and I prefer.  While we are at it, how about a filter for cancellation policies?  I'm not going to stay at a location with a super strict or strict policy because that doesn't suit my needs.  Yet it is the same as having to search for a king size bed.  Come on Air BnB!

Erica171 in
Oakland, CA
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I see that there is now an accessibility filter with such things as accessible height bed, wide entrance to bedroom, etc. It would be easy to add king size bed to this, for people who need a larger bed.

Liz177 in
Earlysville, VA
Level 2

Yes, what is the big deal? Add it in Airbnb!

Ryan387 in
San Diego, CA
Level 2

I continue to book hotels instead of Airbnb because Airbnb continues to lack certain important features, such as filtering by bed size (and by guest rating).

Every year or so, I check Airbnb again, and it still doesn't offer this kind of filter, so I go back to searching hotels. It's such a shame.

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