Bring back the map!

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What happened to the map that shows where the listings are roughly located?  I have not had a single booking since the map feature has been taken away.  It makes the experience of looking for a place to stay more painful and time consuming.  Please bring back the map as soon as possible.

Barry-and-Lera0 in
Sarasota, FL
Level 10

The approximation map is still on all the pages below the reviews I just looked at. (via a desktop computer)

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

Mapsearch has now disappearred completely from an iPad view.  Nashville now offers 5000 Abnbs.

we and guests need a Mapsearch.  It is the only way I use Abnb. I start with a district search as any regular traveler does, whether searching for a hotel or an Abnb.


The city of Nashville is approximately 25 miles across.  Does that not indicate the need for a good geographic filter?

Lila-And-Chris0 in
Athens, GA
Level 10

I also could not find the map feature when I searched my town, unless I put dates in. 

Need that map!

Rebecca181 in
Florence, OR
Level 10

Maybe this was done so that people searching will get exasperated to the point of not caring anymore about where they were originally going and look for an Airbnb Plus listing instead! Or decide to go stay in a 'Unique Tree-House in Guam' made out of popsicle sticks after attending a 'Concert' in an ice-cream factory right before having a cool, groovy, and hip 'Experience' watching rare turtles mate under a sparkling sea of stars!!! See? Nobody needs that map, after all!

Emiel1 in
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Level 10

Also the link "goto the map" on a host homepage is NOT working anymore (no map displayed). This is related to the problem mentioned in this posting. So Please, Bring Back The Map !

Tom-and-Christen0 in
Pennsylvania, United States
Level 4

Please add our voice to the, hopefully growing, chorus of BRING BACK THE MAP! Both of our propeties are in rural locations and our towns are not known by name - just area location - as a destination.


One of our properties is in rural Hawaii - few, if any, potential guests would even know the name of our nearby town to search by that location...however, most, if not all, of our guests choose us based on our close proximity to Volcanoes National Park. Most often discoverable by searching by map.


Losing the map view is a disservice to those of us in rural locations.


I hope it can be returned.

Prue0 in
Bristol, GB
Level 5

can we turn this into a petition? I will ask all hosts I know to come to bring back the map and add a comment and a like ....please do the same.... wherever you are...the lack of map will shatter our businesses as guests will simply go to a site that has a map and book there.

Christine773 in
Stockport, United Kingdom
Level 2

Which brain at Airbnb thought it a good idea to get rid of the map?

A general search for our town shows long lists of properties, but gives the guest no idea where they all are.  Many aren't actually in our town, but a 50 minute drive away. What the hell?


How long do we give it before we see guests marking us all down on location because they've been lead astray by AirBnB and lead to believe our properties were elsewhere?


I'm currently looking for somewhere to stay in Munich and haven't put dates in yet as it depends on the property. It's absolutely useless using AirBnB as it gives me no info of location on the first page. At least BDC tells me the distance of each property from my town of search.


Bloomin' ridiculous - I can't understand the logic of getting rid of a feature that makes AirBnB stand out from competitors and actually helps guests choose a property right for them.  This is definitely a case of design over function.

Vanessa89 in
England, GB
Level 2

Agreed! Map should be shown first ofcourse! How can you plan where to stay otherwise?!

Stephanie343 in
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Level 2


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