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Airbnb is a valuable and functional platform. However it is *incredibly* difficult to communicate with anyone from Airbnb when you have a question or need advice. In emergencies or times of need, you cannot get a response from the website, which sends you from one place to another without providing a concrete solution. There should be a *friendly* communications channel, that is easy to find on the website, with information on how to get in touch both via email (with a response within 24 hours) and by telephone (only for use in emergencies for international calls), that includes various useful filters and is available in Spanish. Additionally, it would be a great help to have a manual in Spanish for new or more experienced users, which can be downloaded and which explains the steps for various processes clearly and concisely. We would be able to print this or access it from our computers and therefore we could avoid asking many of our questions. Bye!


Response from Airbnb


Status: Launched


We’ve listened to your feedback and updated our app to make it easier for you to reach our Customer Experience team with just a few taps. To access support fast, just open the Airbnb app, go to “Profile”, tap “Help & Support”, and then tap “Contact Us”. This will give you the option to call Customer Experience directly or open a text conversation within the app. Read this article for more details on this app update. We hope this new update empowers you to spend less time searching for answers so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


Thanks for being a proactive member of our community as we work together to continue improving Airbnb for both hosts and guests.


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My personal residence is locked off from the downstairs apartment, which I rent out and which has it's own entrance. I had a person check in at  4 in the afternoon, leave, then return at 11 pm. At that point he called me and demanded I open the door to my private residence. I refused, and this infuriated him. He then proceeded to write a terrible critique of my b&b. (This was the only bad criticism I have ever received). I asked Airb&b to remove this critique and they refused. Then they send me a weekly reminder that other b&b's have a higher score and they would have to remove me from there organization if my score goes below a certain point. 

If you have a crazy person, a drunk, a prostitute etc check into your space, you are completely on your own. If someone wants to ruin your reputation, they can. You will get no support from Airb&b.

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