Calendar export to include number of guest

Calendar export to include number of guest

iCal-export is a great feature to share the bookings with my wife, who manages cleaning plus bedding.

Would be great if one could see in the exportet Calendar the number of guests (like it is visible in the AirBnB calendar)

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Have you tried adding your wife as an Additional Host?  That way she could see everything on your listing.

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agree, plus i would like to see a shortcut link to the calendar on the home page

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Would like to know at least the reason why number of guests is not included to the ical feed. Technically it would be no problem.

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+1 on needing number of guests booked for my cleaners. I don't want to share access to the account, just show them arrival/departure/number of guests. Otherwise calendar is perfect for this.

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+1! any update on when this feature might be added ? Must be pretty simple!

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exactly why not add # of guests into the calendar? Hosts need know to the # of guests in order to prep the apt properly for our guests. Thanks!

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There are a number of requests for this some of which go back years.  Airbnb, when are you going to do something about it?  It's an OBVIOUS need that is fundamental to hosting!!! 

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Unbelievable - This is remarkable. I can't believe they are mulling over the idea whether to include the number of guests booked? 


If it wasn't serious, it would be laughable. 


What is wrong with them? 

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I have run into issues with sharing "co-host" status with cleaners. I want a way to only share check-out dates and number of incoming guests. I am very disappointed that the calendar export does not include this! It would have otherwise been a perfect solution!