Cancellation policy--should be an owners right NOT AIRBNB, If it penalizes us because we lose...

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bookings that's our choice.  The only reason for a lenient policy allows someone to hold your property while they search for something better. In the interim--someone could NOT book yours because it shows booked.  When you have small windows of opportunity (lake property in Oklahoma usually rents some June, most of July and maybe a bit of August)--someone cancelling can cause a great burden on the host trying to find a booking with a limited customer base, who might go book elsewhere that exact 24 hours (on Airbnb or another site).  It should be our own right to run our business as we see fit on cancellations.  You're infringing on my right as a business owner to make money.


PLUS,  I have to comb across other sites and mark it taken...then go back and UNMARK it if it isn't taken.  I don't have the same problems with other sites and get as many (or honestly MORE than here).  If you continue to burden the owners--why should we stay?  Either we are in this together or you are in it for your own reasons and want me to do the same.


I'd like to remain a customer but if you infringe on my rights--I guess I will have to make tough choices.  It's just not your right to make decisions for me about how I operate my booking business.


I'm honestly just in awe over the audacity you would have to change my policy for my house rental.

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