Contacting AirBnB

Status changed to: Launched

There should be links on the community pages, on the listing pages, on every page of the web site, that lead to a page that shows the multiple ways to contact AirBnB.


AirBnB must make it easy to contact them!





Response from Airbnb

Making sure you have the tools to reach Airbnb when you need to is important to us. We’ve just introduced a new feature that will help hosts and guests reach our Customer Experience team during and 48 hours on either side of a trip. We’re also piloting a new way for you to connect quickly with Airbnb beyond just phone and email. Learn more about how we’re making it easier to find our phone number and additional contact information.

David74 in
La Libertad, El Salvador
Level 2

Update, Airbnb has judged the review to be against community guidelines and removed it.


Forum members should pass on the word that the best way to contact Airbnb is via the Facebook action page, don't even bother with the site's help section.


Lesley29 in
Picton, Australia
Level 2

Good to know about the Facebook page, but it really shouldn't be that hard.  What other company that charges money for a service can get away with not having a transparent contact method?  

Andree3 in
Boston, MA
Level 2
Please, everyone, make this complaint about the almost non-existent customer service in every venue you can find. It used to be excellent. Now they are forcing us to work with robots. Here is the email for complaints:
Status changed to: Launched
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