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I have been with Air BNB for years.

In the beginning, they were very helpful and easy to contact.  Now it is impossible to get in touch with them.

In their surveys, it does not leave any room for FEEDBACK.

Did they just get our business and then forget to look after the HOSTS>????

They ask the Guests ....Not if they enjoyed their stay or had a lovely stay.....they ask if there is any room for IMPROVEMENT>...I wonder at times if the guests scratch their heads to find something....because even the guests who really enjoyed their stay come up with something 

I feel it should be.  DID YOU HAVE A NICE STAY......

People are all kinds , with all kinds of issues, personalities, relationships.... We, Hosts, cannot do anything about that.

It is hard work to HOST>  It can be very pleasurable but it can also be challenging, depending on the Guests....

Has AIR BNB stopped caring about us HOSTS who do all the work keeping things up to scratch for our guests???

Will another compan,  who cares , swoop in and take over.  I am re thinking AIR BNB.  There are a LOT on ONE NIGHT bookings,

All the work and no profit.  The season is very short where I live so I am considering my options. 

Any ideas???   Anne **, Colorado.

Response from Airbnb

We are developing a process to automatically synthesize feedback collected from the website and deliver this feedback to the appropriate team. We are also improving the process for delivering timely answers to Host Voice submissions each month. Finding better ways to listen to the host community is a commitment we will be continuing to investigate and improve this year.

The Airbnb Research and Design teams actively seek feedback from the host community so that Airbnb products best meet your needs. This process includes surveys sent to hosts, focus groups, 1:1 user research interviews, in home observations, diary studies where hosts detail their experience using the Airbnb website/app, and beta test groups. Check out this video that sheds light on the process used to improve the Airbnb mobile App.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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I agree. I feel like us hosts are always on the short end of the stick, and the guest is always right. Like you say, everyone has different opinions and are picky about things. Just because someone doesn't like X or Y doesn't mean that the listing or the host is not good.


Is there any room for improvement? But what can we do about the guests that we host? Now if we cancel, we get penalized more severely. Totally one sided!

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I don't know how to block out dates when I can not have guests

Los Angeles, CA
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Joann, I was able to do it just by opening the calendar and clicking on the dates I won't be available which made them turn grey indicating they cannot be booked. Did you try that? If that doesn't work, refresh the page and try again. If all else fails, you'll have to contact the Airbnb help. Good luck with that! 😉

Southampton, United Kingdom
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I totaly agree with Anne.


I rent a flat in TALAMONE  on a very nice seaside vilage in Tuscany Italy, I rent it for a very competitive price 5 PAX for 40-50 Euro a day.


I had a controversy/resolution with a guest who was "unbalanced", the least to say. The day he arrived he complained and wanted a discount of more than half of the price. I preferred he left immediately my apartment and I gave his money back for the days he did not stay further. I agreed with him to resolve his booking. I had other several guests later and also before: nobody complained about the apartment.


You know what AIRBNB is doing? They have taken the money of the agreed resolution (270 Euro) from other successive bookings and did not relase the money of the resolved booking .


So now I am waiting a pending a payment of 368 Euro from 15 May (3 months ago!!). There is no indication on when I will be paid. So far they have taken unilaterally 270 money out of my pocket. this is illegal in my country!


I have sent a couple of email to the press@airbnb ... link but no reply


I am considering to go back to regular system of hosting and advertising on next summer.


Any clue to get my money back ?

Thank you all for any advice and sharing your experience on this issue.



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Agree with your remark "you'll have to contact the Airbnb help. 

Good luck with that."

I managed to contact Airbnb once but right now I have no idea

how to even send them an email. There should be a 'Contact'

section in the tool bar but there wasn't last time I looked. Sometimes

you need to be able to email Airbnb asap but I haven't got the time to

work Airbnb's contact method out.

The Airbnb website is probably the most unintuitive web site I have ever seen.


Dobrich, Bulgaria
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I have a question and I am sorry that I am writing here but I couldn't find place to ask as it is so hard to contact customer service. How do I take my money from airbnb? My guests had already paid but I can only see the money in my online air bnb wallet. 

Tulsa, OK
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I have had similar experiences where a guest clearly violates terms or policy, especially cancellations - and AirBNB backs the guests, refunds them, and does not return communications with me. I have two open resolution center issues on this specific thing.
I have had 23 completed reservations with no issues, suddenly a very high maintenance person submits complaints (which I have refutable screenshot evidence to counter claim) and customer service is backing them instead of apologizing to me for the horrible experience. I questioned if the rewards outweigh the hassle after this experience.

Enderby, CA
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Hi, I have also had many good reviews/guests.. but now I have a guest who checked in and did not even come back!!! he would not respond to texts and then sends a scathing letter that we were lying about our space ,etc. 


Why does Airbnb not ask us what the situation was?




Enderby, CA
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Auckland, New Zealand
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Hello there 

we are from down under NZ and so far I can not fault anything about Airbnb. 

I have managed to get every questioned answered although it took time and a lot of cruising around the Airbnb website . I managed to find the customer service number even by looking through the community tab. 

Money is always on time and all guests have been great . 

Yes not all guest have the same standard as me but I have not had a bad experience . I suppose what the guest sees is what they get! 

Just be patient and have a good look around you will find the answer 

hope this helped 

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