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I have been with Air BNB for years.

In the beginning, they were very helpful and easy to contact.  Now it is impossible to get in touch with them.

In their surveys, it does not leave any room for FEEDBACK.

Did they just get our business and then forget to look after the HOSTS>????

They ask the Guests ....Not if they enjoyed their stay or had a lovely stay.....they ask if there is any room for IMPROVEMENT>...I wonder at times if the guests scratch their heads to find something....because even the guests who really enjoyed their stay come up with something 

I feel it should be.  DID YOU HAVE A NICE STAY......

People are all kinds , with all kinds of issues, personalities, relationships.... We, Hosts, cannot do anything about that.

It is hard work to HOST>  It can be very pleasurable but it can also be challenging, depending on the Guests....

Has AIR BNB stopped caring about us HOSTS who do all the work keeping things up to scratch for our guests???

Will another compan,  who cares , swoop in and take over.  I am re thinking AIR BNB.  There are a LOT on ONE NIGHT bookings,

All the work and no profit.  The season is very short where I live so I am considering my options. 

Any ideas???   Anne **, Colorado.

Response from Airbnb

We are developing a process to automatically synthesize feedback collected from the website and deliver this feedback to the appropriate team. We are also improving the process for delivering timely answers to Host Voice submissions each month. Finding better ways to listen to the host community is a commitment we will be continuing to investigate and improve this year.

The Airbnb Research and Design teams actively seek feedback from the host community so that Airbnb products best meet your needs. This process includes surveys sent to hosts, focus groups, 1:1 user research interviews, in home observations, diary studies where hosts detail their experience using the Airbnb website/app, and beta test groups. Check out this video that sheds light on the process used to improve the Airbnb mobile App.

Manchester, United Kingdom
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I created a secondary account with my work details and made a test booking - with myself!


I have found out that as a guest, there are a LOT more capabilities and possibilities to contact AirBnB.


As a host, I find it apalling that AirBnB aren't there for the people that put money in their pockets and just aren't there to help if needed.


The amount of times I've thought about closing my account, just because AirBnB is a terrible company to get in touch with and essentially - work for!

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Agree with all the above comments. Essentially all these accommodation platforms make it as difficult as possible for hosts to bother them; AirBnB are far from alone. But in reality they are a far cry from the sanctimonious communications and invitations to Gatherings with which hosts are bombarded. We are not a 'Community' as they like to project us; we are individuals trying to please our guests, each in our own individual way.


Unfortunately there is a new guest phenonemon out there. The 'gouger', who by threatening a bad review and exaggerating a complaint looks to get money off. AirBnB's Resolution Centre seem totally unable to spot them and disposes of the matter by striking a balance. Once you get such a review, the bookings dry up. In my opinion, because of the bad review being used as a weapon, they should only remain on a host profile for a limited period. 


The host's response to a bad review should be posted on the hosts page as a response instead of just being on the guest's profile; who is going to bother to look up the guest's profile to see the response.


Crestone, CO
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Charlotte, NC
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I've been a host for about a month now.  I wanted to call Airbnb with some questions and started looking for a phone number and came to the conclusion that Airbnb does not want hosts contacting them.  I am in disbelief that they do not give a more direct support for the hosts since all revenue comes from what we as hosts offer.  I found a phone number finally from another posting in the forum.  It is very frustrating. 

It my humble opinion, it would be in both Airbnb and the hosts best financial interest, to provide the best support to answer question and support.

Los Angeles, CA
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Airbnb is going down, we are constantly being blackmailed by bad guests with bad reviews.  I had one guest who was smoking drugs in my one million dollar pentouse and when I kicked out he wrote a bad review where he lied about my property. I inform Airbnb about the incident but they wouldn't remove his review. 


Also,  Airbnb is not accessible anymore. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

The status of this Idea has been changed to Under Consideration. The Ideas in Host Voice with the most Thumbs Up are reviewed closely by the Airbnb product team. The status of this Idea will be updated according to this discussion. We appreciate your patience as we try to thoughtfully listen and respond to this Idea.

North Port, FL
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I have never heard of Under Consideration.

If airbnb wants to stay in business, they need to be contactable, We may all just pick another company who may be easier to work with.

Kraków, Poland
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What does under consideration mean exactly?


it sounds like room 101 to me.

Santa Fe, NM
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I very much agree with the concept here.  Although I am very pleased with how my Airbnb hosting has been going (including payment, finding answers to questions, etc...), I have not had a serious issue (yet, I expect I will sooner or later).  I did have one small issue and I have not been able to resolve it, I was told that my message was sent to the central offices, but that was the end of it (i.e. total silence & still have the problem).  


Customer service is fundamental aspect of business, and making a customer (specifically host) support team available is one of the primary ways to have a successful business.  Granted it is expensive, but having a full scale support department available 24/7 for hosts (by this I mean phone, chat, & email support) is necessary for a business in the hospitality industry.  


I am truly suprised this has not been resolved before now.

Blenheim, New Zealand
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CAN I ASK??!!!

What can I do with that sort of Guess who is not reading my articles about my House and facilities!! 

For example: I put it in I have marks, on the carpet,  walls, on the floor because in previous years it had been used as a worker accommodation.  (AND THE CARPET HAVE BEEN CLEANED BY PROFESSIONAL COMPANY!!.) So in this case have a lots of damages here and there. And as well as you can see on my page I saying that it not a fancy house!!! But nice and spacious and cheap. 

I Swear I clean everything very precisely!!!  And what comments,  feedbacks I am getting back!!! Dirty the floor, marks on the carpet!!!..  Etc...

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!! 

And I always let them know yes it has damages here and there forgive me... Bla Bla Bla...

It just make me sooooo upset!!! 




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