Default search is biased towards instant booking rooms

Default search is biased towards instant booking rooms

Default search comes with instant book switched ON.  
When I search for property on or, I find by default airbnb only shows me only instant booking properties. This is a filter airbnb switches on by default. So I have to see all properties I have to switch off this filter.  This is unfair advantage to hosts who are instant booking.
Instead it would make sense to keep default filter ON for all properties advertised by super hosts and default filter on for all properties with rating above 4.0 and also include new or unreviewed properties. Also default filter should switch off hosts hosts who are not responding to guests within in 24 hours. (responding should not be accepting/rejecting/ even if a host responded with a question to guest this should be considered quick response)
This would be the ideal default search filter.  This way there is fair chance for all hosts and guest getting best expereince as well.

I agree, the default should be quality, not quantity.  Just because it's an IB property doesn't mean much.  

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I totally agree!  Superhosts should be the default.  I just discovered that the search feature was defaulting to instant book...  I called the number for Superhosts, and they recommended I submit a feedback form.  Here is the link:


I have weeded out many unsafe potential guests because I can screen them without instant book.  That feature might be fine for people who do not live on the property they are listing, but I'm 100% sure the decision makers at Airbnb would not want the people I've weeded out staying in their guest room!  


I think all we can do is bring it to their attention using the feedback form...  

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totally agree.