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This new feature is unnecessary and doesnt add value for guests and further punishes hosts in an already flawed star system. 

Response from Airbnb

Based on feedback from the host community, we decided to terminate the Lowest Review feature. The intention of this feature was to help set guest expectations for a stay by highlighting aspects of past experiences that did not go well. However, your feedback helped us understand how sometimes a review can unfairly represent the experience that you will provide future guests. Though this feature was not the best approach, it’s still a priority of ours to ensure travelers see the reviews that accurately capture what it’s like to stay in your place.


Kraków, Poland
Level 10



And so say all of us,


Well at least I do.






The Explorer's Club Krakow

Richmond, Canada
Level 6

I agree.  An older negative review may no longer reflect the truth...ie a guest may complain about something...lets say a hard bed...the bed is replaced but the old message stands at the top as if it represents the truth.   And that mis-truth has no expiry date under this system. Reviews should be chronological. 

Level 10

Absolutely agree. Can't imagine how this helps the host or guest especially when some of the lowest reviews are years old and there have been improvements and others in the lowest have fantastic reviews. Very confusing when people write great reviews and give low stars or are petty and passive aggressive about their ratings and reviews. But that's Airbnb star rating system no one understands how it works.


For the uninitiated. 5=Pass 4,3,2,1 = Fail followed by warnings to improve or be delisted.

How does one move one's home or get the local council to prohibit helicopters and sirens when one's guests want to sleep or change the garbage pick-up system so guests are not subjected to a sea of black trash bags on the street on pick-up night!


@David-and-Fiona0   may I suggest you put this on the forum as a post asking hosts to thumb it up. There are already a few posts about it and if it doesn't get enough thumbs up here it will be sent to the black hole of 'archived' ideas.

Zagreb, Croatia
Level 10

I agree 100%


It can not help neither a guest nor a host nor Airbnb so it is BAD IDEA.


And it is also a bad idea to stimulate guests to leave a bad review by highlighting things like noise, smell etc... .


What do you want to achive with more bad reviews? Do you think Airbnb will be more atractive to new guests? Or new hosts? 

Portland, ME
Level 1

Though we have never had a really bad review even from some challenging guests I think it would be unfair to highlight the bad review if we ever did  get one. Both of us having worked retail, restaurants and owned a nightclub there is always a customer or two who will never be satisfied or pleased no matter what you do to accomodate.

Kris and Cindy

Boulder, CO
Level 1

The "Lowest Reviews" tab is a TERRIBLE idea! I work hard for my guests, but there will aways be someone who has to be difficult. It doesn't matter if a problem is caused because a guest didn't follow the rules- these people will blame the host. 

Airbnb is working against the hosts, not promoting the excellence that should be rewarded. A few months ago I suggested to Airbnb that the lowest rating out of every quarter or lowest of 10 reviews should be dropped. That would compensate for personality problems.  But now they are promoting negatives.

I'm fairly new to Hosting and have done pretty well, but just ONE disgruntled person who didn't follow directions, brought what should be a 4.8 or 4.9 down to 4.5. Not bad... but not an accurate picture of my listing. 

Now it seems that the Host's needs are not being considered. Will they now start posting the worst guests? Who in the world would think this up, and actually post it?

Kfar Blum, Israel
Level 10

i agree,its like airbnb keeps  the calannder updated and moves it everyday forward.........   i see a catch 22 situation here!

Melbourne, Australia
Level 3

Why keep tinkering with something that has got AirBnb to the place it is at? Leave the platform as it is, or consult widely BEFORE making changes. Divert staff resources now to other parts of the business. It is a hospitality company NOT an IT company! 

Mount Barker, Australia
Level 10

I support this post unreservedly and I would love to think that enough response to it will see it acted on but, I am sceptical. 

Airbnb please leave the past in the past and start to promote your hosts. Negativity breeds negativity and will start to drive guests away if they perceive, or are fed information, that booking with Airbnb could be a risky thing to do.



Montrose, CO
Level 10

This is a terrible idea for all the reasons everyone has already lifted up.  

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