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Status changed to: Launched

This new feature is unnecessary and doesnt add value for guests and further punishes hosts in an already flawed star system. 

Response from Airbnb

Based on feedback from the host community, we decided to terminate the Lowest Review feature. The intention of this feature was to help set guest expectations for a stay by highlighting aspects of past experiences that did not go well. However, your feedback helped us understand how sometimes a review can unfairly represent the experience that you will provide future guests. Though this feature was not the best approach, it’s still a priority of ours to ensure travelers see the reviews that accurately capture what it’s like to stay in your place.


Kathy101 in
Houston, TX
Level 2

I agree as well - please remove the grouping.  Guests can filter through the comments to pick out what worked and what didn't. 


What would be nice would be to add reviews by language.  I have reviews in multiple languages and it would be nice for visitors (eg from China) to read what other Chinese guests thought.  That would be a useful logical grouping.



Thank you!



Level 9

Airbnb already has a system to punish and deliste accomodations that are not doing well in ratings

so this new lower reviews there is only there to punish the good hosts who sporadically get a negative feedback from a difficiult guest

with this system something that happened several years back and i wonder how many things changed since then still appear on top.... Not helping potential guests anyway...airbnb should start consulting us, the hosts, before rolling out stupid features







Elenor0 in
Dunedin, New Zealand
Level 3

I also hope this system of highest and lowest is dumped asap.

Reviews should always be chronological. As a guest I would prefer to always see the most recent reviews as they will be the most accurate. The "lowest" reviews are probably no longer relevant as most hosts immediately fix any problems which cause a bad review.

Wendy-and-Frank0 in
Stonington, CT
Level 10

Is ABB trying to be the Amazon for travellers?

Lawrene0 in
Florence, CA
Level 10

Really dislike the Highest and Lowest tabs. Human nature has guests (including me) turning to that Lowest tab first. When everything is chronological, and not grouped by highest, lowest, language of the guest, it is a clearer and more accurate picture of the listing at this moment in time. It is almost as if the system is catering to a desire for drama, dredging up old complaints, and hurting hosts anew with them. Could this and other new features in the same meanspiritedness be thrown out, and time be spent instead fixing the calendar and verification upload times and payouts in India and educating municipalities that are afraid of the sharing economy, and things like that? Hosts can spend our time constantly off-kilter with changes that have us feeling betrayed, or we can, with the same amount of work from developers, be buoyed by a really solid system that is part of designing for trust. 

Level 9

AirBnB already has a system in place to tackle bad hosts/accmodations. Airbnb starts to suspend accounts when the average rating reaches 4.0 stars (a rating which is not considered as bad by guests but is bad for Airbnb). When the account is between 4.0 and 4.4 stars rating, you start to get warning that  your account will be suspended once it drops to 4.0 stars. So to be safe you have to keep a rating of 4.5 stars or more.

so what i mean is, with this system of suspension in place, Airbnb already has a rigid system to keep bad hosts away. Those that have a rating of 4.5 or more and are still on the system... means that they get a low rating only sporiadically and most probably due to a difficult guest and not really because of the host. If the problem was the host/accomodation would have been suspended by the system.


so I find it strange that airbnb still wants to show to all potential guests those sporiadic bad ratings to the hard working good hosts that managed to keep a 4.5 rating or more. With some reviews that are several months/ years old and not longer relevant. 


David126 in
Como, CO
Level 10

Agree terrible

Peter-and-Seb0 in
Brighton, GB
Level 2


We are dedicated Super hosts and were shocked to see this new feature with all the negative reviews grouped together at the top!!


These negative reviews were unfair and any points which needed actioning had since been changed but the new feature doesn't show this to the potential new guests as they may think the problem still exists.


Even though the positive reviews far out way the negative I don't understand why airbnb would want to highlight all these negative experiences from the past. Host work so hard to action any points made and often they are written without any true facts.


I was so deflated to read these reviews again after they were forgotten in history and certainly deflated me and made me wonder why I host at all.


1 negative review can really make have a long lasting affect on hard working hosts. Often the negative review are because a guest booked your accomodation without reading any of the detail of what you offer then blame you as the host for their mistake.



Marco166 in
Milan, Italy
Level 2

As Superhost I totally agree with the request to remove this new features. It is absolutely non-sense, every host try to do his/her best to solve the eventually problem few difficult guests had written in a not good review and so the idea to put this reviews in a not-chronological order will cause a misunderstanding for guests who read. Of course guests can see the date of a review but it is illogical to make evidence of dated reviews, since hosts had resolved the 'bad features' in the 90% of the cases.

Isn't the chronological order the best to make evidence of this, is it? So the guest can have a correct idea of how is the care of the host.

Dev4 in
Toronto, CA
Level 10

Couldn't agree more with the above comments. 

As a superhost and having hosted over 100 guests, I find it very annoying that some guests used the review system to their advantage. The Airbnb customer centre makes no attempt to validate the statements in the review as (I quote) "neither Airbnb nor the host is present inside the property when the customer experienced". 


As a responsible Host, I diligently work on the feedback from my guests. However, there are a lot of guests out there who do not say anything during the entire stay and just leave a bad review because they can. 

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