Discontinue lowest review

Status changed to: Launched

This new feature is unnecessary and doesnt add value for guests and further punishes hosts in an already flawed star system. 

Response from Airbnb

Based on feedback from the host community, we decided to terminate the Lowest Review feature. The intention of this feature was to help set guest expectations for a stay by highlighting aspects of past experiences that did not go well. However, your feedback helped us understand how sometimes a review can unfairly represent the experience that you will provide future guests. Though this feature was not the best approach, it’s still a priority of ours to ensure travelers see the reviews that accurately capture what it’s like to stay in your place.


Jeet0 in
Pune, IN
Level 10

The reviews that have been bumped up are either FALSE, OLD & IRRELEVANT or SPITEFUL. This is led to a drop in my bookings and guests are inquiring more about the issues highlighted by these 2 year old reviews. Worst experiece for a Host.


Moreover, when is Airbnb going to send it's hosts NEW FEATURE UPDATES? Why do I have to depend on the Community Forum to get to know about these updates? Since you already have a monthy newsletter, can't the company share such important updates via the newsletter more proactively?

Sarah269 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

I would further support that after a six month to 12 month period that one or two negative reviews be deleted entirely to offset these oddball reviews.  This is what Ebay and other online marketing companies do as any negative comments from often extreme critics stick in people's minds more and unfairly taints the pre-existing fifty or hundred positive reviews.

Level 10
If Airbnb are intent on doing this then at least make it the last 6 months and add an ALL REVIEWS Tab (in chronological order ) AIRBNB BE HONEST - It is not lowest REVIEWS it is lowest STAR ratings. There is a huge disconnect between the two, maybe because it is the most confusing Star rating system around and no one understands how it works. It's as absurd a system as using a weighing scale to measure the height of something. 5 = Pass and 4,3,2,1 - Fail - absurd. If I book a 3-star Hotel I know what to expect and what I do not expect is a 5 star hotel BUT Airbnb has confused guests so much that some of them do expect this and mark hosts down for not being The Waldorf! My lowest 'reviews' are nearly all amazing such as 'would come back in a heat-beat', 'recommend to my friends' and other such glorious praise. Some of my "top reviews" are less favorable even faint praise. The difference is in the STARS given. If I was a guest I would be very confused by this or think there was a major glitch on the site. But then again what's new.
Juan153 in
Level 2

Dad idea on highlighting the negative. Must be removed.

Jan158 in
Prague, Czech Republic
Level 1

this is bull**bleep**, remove it!

Regina38 in
Wilmington, DE
Level 10

terrible idea and not fair since you can not see stars for guests

Christina38 in
Frankfurt, Germany
Level 2

Also I find this new feature not helpful and giving focus on the wrong matters. I strongly recommend to deactivate this function.

David-and-Fiona0 in
Panglao, PH
Level 10

58 Thumbs up. I hope this gets moved to the 'under consideration' section soon @Lizzie


Naty3 in
United States
Level 3

I'm extremely concern with the Airbnb reviews system, a today I learn they are giving guests more power to complain about things hosts don

t have control over, to the point I'm considering looking for another web to advertise my home. There system is very punitive and doesn't take into consideration many factors when a guest writes a review. 

Each guest is unique, and some lack education about the places they visit. I have a guest who complained for the weather, birds, and bugs. I'm sorry but if you travel to a tropical country, that's what you find. Another one complain about my administrator no speaking her language, 

im sorry if you are in a country we're the native language is different than yours ! So how Airbnb can encourage this people to continue being uneducated costumers? The review su stem is very unfair. The internet allows people to be mean, nasty and unprofessional. How can Airbnb not know this? 

Zane4 in
London, United Kingdom
Level 2

I completely agree. No matter how great you are there is always someone who is in a bad mood that day or constantly in bad mood. So this new function is actually making sucu difficult persons being suddently very important ones! This new functionality is a terrible idea 

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