Discounts - some suggestions


Discounts - some suggestions

Hi there!

I have been with my local accommodation open since late June 2017 and it was huge success, thank goodness! As my accommodation is in a seaside town, I need to use other sites to try to get more guests out of the high season. And that's where I found some tips that I wish they could be here on Airbnb:
- Promotional discounts of the type basic offers, advance booking, last minute reservations and progressive discounts by amount of guests.

In the latter case (progressive discount for amount of guests), in my case it is quite interesting because my apartment; and has 3 rooms and I can offer an excellent discount for a couple - this resulted in good bookings and the couples who were there loved to be alone in the apartment.

In addition, I would like to congratulate Airbnb - I love working with the site, it is super responsive and friendly! Thank you so much for developing in me a side that I had no idea existed! 🙂


Sorry for my poor English.


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