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When a guest wants to rebook with me it is very difficult for them to find me. Amazon has a "buy this item again" button. Why not a "book this host again" button?

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We are planning to begin the design process on a feature to address this problem in the next couple of weeks. We found that this is particularly important for business travelers looking to repeatedly visit the same city. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Great idea!

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Genius!! Love it!

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This would be brilliant! I have 2 spaces and I have had guests complain because they couldnt find the other space when they actually re-found the one they stayed in originally, and it was already booked for thier dates-- because 1 is listed as "Whole House" and the other "Room'

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Collect TOT tax so we don't have to be embarrassed having to ask for more money when guests arrive.

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Love this idea!  I'm renting a beach cottage this summer for the first time, and would like to have primarily weekly renters next year so I don't have to spend so much time cleaning the entire cottage after 1 or 2 night guests. But I had two delightful young families for 1 or 2 night stays, both left the cottage sparkling and rebooked for the same again, and I want to see them again next year. I loved watching the kids enjoying the beach, and want to see them grow (a little granny lust here).  It would be good if I could identify them and sent a message before I accept other summer bookings offering short time rentals that they can afford.  A rebooking button is a great idea and good start.

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Yes! Great idea! Makes things easier for guests and hosts
Level 10
Yes! Great idea! Makes things easier for guests and hosts
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Unless you give them a long string of: http://airbnb.com/rooms/123456

Which is kinda rediculous. 

So Yeah ... I'm with you. 

Albeit .... if Guests go to their own reviews ... they should see ours (hosts) and find your link easier that way ...

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The status of this Idea has been changed to Under Consideration. The Ideas in Host Voice with the most Thumbs Up are reviewed closely by the Airbnb product team. The status of this Idea will be updated according to this discussion. We appreciate your patience as we try to thoughtfully listen and respond to this Idea.

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