Filter for Eco-friendly/chemically sensitive people

Filter for Eco-friendly/chemically sensitive people

We offer a chemical free/synthetic fragrance free space. In part due to our own chemical sensitivities and in part because of our desire to protect and preserve the environment.


As an airbnb guest anyone with chemical sensitivities or who is environementally conscientious  would have to contact each host directly or hope that info was in the detail/description. This takes a huge amount of time! Please open up a "green" category for your guests! I think you would find there are a lot of people out there who would use it!


Absolutely love the idea. But most of my guests do not care about my rules about using cologne... and one time when I caught the guest in the action and cancelled reservation, Airbnb punished me by blocking my listing for one month without telling me. Not only they knew my rules were in writing, I had email conversations to prove it was not "he says she said". Also, they refunded the remaining movey to the guest. When I complaned, nothing happenned. How do you like that?

Alena, I feel your pain! That is a horrible experience and outcome. We have many guests who agree to our policy as well and do the opposite. It is frustrating and disheartening but we are totally commited to our vision. So after those  guests leave it is a major cleaning and the vinegar/baking soda comes out...and sow times we have to throw away linens :(. If Airbnb would allow a damage  deposit that would certainly help! Hang in there...

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I couldn't agree more!!!!!  I also have chemical sensitivity and have not been able to stay in my own home after one guest left.

Yes Diane - I hear you! It is so unfortunate and really sad how uneducated people are about the chemicals they are using on their skin (which is porous!) and in their environment. We rented a place in So Cal and the chemicals were SO bad even with both sliders open we had to leave 2 nights early and go rent a room at a hotel. Even the GARBAGE bags were scented!!! And of course we did not get a refund from the super host and Airbnb did nothing to help us. So it goes both ways...issues on both sides of the fence! Thanks for your comment! 

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It's the whole reason my mum won't rent her home out while she is in her 2 nd home!  Scented trash bags!!!  Gross

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Hi, my husband has chemical sensitivity and we have been unable to travel due to this. My neighbor told me there were some special Airbnbs that catered to this. Has anyone heard of them?

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I have mcs and I think that Airbeb shuld be help the host when guests do not respect the rules.

Bet they do not !


Maura, I have to say that the majority of our guests in the 2+ year period that we were active with Airbnb did NOT respect the rules. It was really unfortunate. I stated clearly in house rules, but they did not read or respect. If a FILTER was offered by Airbnb then maybe the people that really WANT AND NEED this type of accomdation would be able to find places like ours. Until that happens I think the whole thing will continue as is. Sadly.

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ARBNB: This multiple chemical sensitivity sufferer needs that filter!  I just need fragrance-free linens and will save you money because I travel BYOB, carrying my own fragrance-free dishwasher detergent, dish soap, body products and new to my list: unscented trash bags!