GRUMPY GUEST? SERIAL 4 STARer? The host should know

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The host should be aware when accepting a reservation if the guest is likely to give a low rating.

The average rating given by a guest should be available for hosts to see so that they can avoid hosting those guests that are impossible to please.

This way guests would feel more responsible for their ratings and would help transparency, honesty and reduce nasty, illogical low ratings, that sometimes are given in a lighthearted way.


Also, when asking guest for ratings, associating 5 stars to the word "fantastic" might feel appropriate for holiday homes in beautiful locations (that are priced accordingly), but for the average, cheap-ish room in a shared flat in a city, even if everything goes well and nicely, asking the guests to say it was "fantastic" is a bit of a stretch.

I would remove the adjectives from the star ratings, it is misleading and pushes people to give 4 stars over 5, mainly for low budget rooms.

Wimberley, TX
Level 2

I agree that the star rating should reflect how accurately the experience matches the listing description rather than predesignated adjectives.

Level 2

I am finding that I am receiving lower ratings for my beach condo if the weather is not good. I try to add ammentities such as Netflicks and a suggestion book with recommended activities in the area but I noticed that the lower reviews are only when it's cold or raining.

New York, NY
Level 10

I have had guests tell me that 5 is only for luxury accommodations. Yes, you are right, they should show us like eBay shows us Feedback left for others. However, they will never do that because they only care about getting guests to book fast. They don't care about the hosts. That's been my experience anyway.

Syracuse, NY
Level 3

I'm currently quite angry with airbnb. I had a guest book as one and the sprang on me the night before her arrival that it was for two and she was disgruntled that she had to alter her reservation and pay more. Then on the 2nd day of her visit she TOLD me she couldn't figure out how to change the reservation to 3! I explained i was not amenable to this and she became angry and left as I had falsely advertised my flexibility. I immediately called Airbnb who told me the guest was bound in a contract and she was in the wrong. The next day her review was awful she took off multiple stars for my accuracy,communication,value and location( the map shows where I'm located if she didn't like it she shouldn't have booked.) I've been on the phone repeatedly with Airbnb with no resolution! As hosts we are at the guests mercy and have no recourse. This is horrible customer service for us as hosts as without us there would be no Airbnb and we get no respect!

Level 1

I am having trouble with receiving lower ratings (4) for location.  I state many times the directions, location, address, miles between hot spots and Airbnb shows it on GPS. I also commonly get a (4) rating for accuracy.  Again, I state the square footage and list nearly Every item in the unit along with multiple pictures and angles of the condo.  I have found many guests don’t read or look at all of the pictures.  I had a guest cancel after check-in last week.  She said it was because the bathroom didn’t look like she thought it would.  

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