Give superhosts "super" powers

Give superhosts "super" powers

I worked so hard to become a superhost. It wasn't to actually be a superhost but to ensure I offered the best service possible. 


Airbnb are not on my side. I feel they don't give a **bleep** about me. They put insane targets to achieve , do not listen to me, and give me nothing in return for the actual hard work in being a super host. 


Here's what id like:

A) as superhost, our feature requests should be implemented. Or at least prioritised. In fact some feature requests are literally bug reports. 


B) we should be given powers to reject reservations after discovering some hidden information divulged by the guest during any message exchange - without being penalised. 


C) we should be allowed at least one feature request - that's gauranteed to be implemented. 


D) we should be given direct access to the new feature development team for our requests. If we are experienced hosts, surely it's wiser for AirBnb to gain from our collective wisdom. We know what we need to continue to provide an exceptional level of service. 


I just feel that Airbnb take us for idiots. They congratulate us on being superhosts, pat us on the back, and yet offer nothing substantial in terms of appreciation for the work we do.