Green hosting programm by Global Office of healthy tourism

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acccording to AirBnB 88 % of hosts try to make their homes greener and 66% of travellers  think travelling with AirBnB is more sustainable/eco-friendly. And AirBnB started the Global Office of healthy tourism also with the goal to improve sustainability which I am finding a great idea!


Nethertheless to my information there is currently no AirBnB  activity in place to make hosting more sustainable/ecofriendly, displaying eco-oriented listings or support hosts to become greener.


I think AirBnB should start an effective sustainability initiative, which is also a future task of the newly founded Global Office of healthy torurism.


Therefore I would suggest a programm at AirBnB highlighting sustainable listings and help interested hosts to improve in this field by:


a) Criteria for sustainable features of listings (selfassesed by hosts and subsequently guests?)

  1. Recycling and waste separation (@Quincy opened a discussion about that in the communities interests section)
  2. Renewable energy use/solar
  3. Energy efficiency (Building, Lighting, appliances, heating controls), 
  4. Using of ecofriendly cleaning/interior materials
  5. Ecofriendly transport/reachability
  6. what else? (water, green building standards...)


b) Establish a kind of green host badge like superhost or business ready if e.g. more than 3-4 of the above criteria are met by a host.


c) How-to guides to help interested hosts make their listings more sustainable and also lower costs for consumption of e.g. energy, cleaning chemicals..



As I see these issues to be important to many travellers and hosts I would like to see more systematic activity/support in this field by AirBnB in the future.


Would be great to read from you and and I´d like to help making AirBnB and hosting more sustainable 🙂

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