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Having been in the hospitality industry for 25 years and worked in all hotel/resort departments in the early years as a management trainee, I'd like to give you some advice with regard to the ranking system for guests.


I, like other hosts, find that some guests do things like use every towel in the clean laundry, wash clothes and hang in the room and other such things that one cannot really articulate with the star system that is currently in place.


I would recommend that there be a way to let other hosts know of these kinds of guests who exhibit slovenly or wasteful behaviors so that the hosts can decide if these types of things are acceptable to them or not.


Just a suggestion to help us, hosts, out.

Andrew0 in
Berlin, DE
Level 10

As uncomfortable as it is to make unflattering comments in a public review, I feel that it's important to have transparency about it. I would not be comfortable using a site that blocked me from viewing information its users were sharing about me.  


Also consider using the Private Feedback to communicate directly to your guest how you feel they could improve their conduct in the future. If they aren't altogether awful people, they deserve a chance to learn from their mistakes rather than carry a scarlet letter around in their travels.

Arbe0 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 2

I had guests in the past that used up all seven sets of linen for the sized bed I provide.  It's customary for me to host guests back to back; same day check-out and check-ins.  Given the situation, I has no choice but to run out and purchase new linens to have the place ready in time for my next guest.   I resolved the matter by not giving guests full access to my linen closet.   I hope sharing this info is helpful.

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