Guests changing reviews and ratings after both are published - retaliatory

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I am hearing stories of guests being able to change their review AND RATINGS after both host and guest reviews have been published. This should not be and must be corrected immediately.


Here is the example of what is occurring:

A host writes a review, usually a critical one, of a guest. Both reviews are published. The guest sees the critical review, and because they are within THEIR 48 hour edit period, are able to revise both their review AND star rating. This is in total violation of Airbnb's own policy:



Can I edit a review I wrote?

You can edit a review you’ve written for up to 48 hours after you post it, or until your host or guest posts their own review.

To edit a review:

  1. Go to Profile on
  2. Click Reviews
  3. Select Reviews By You
  4. Find the review you’d like to edit

If it’s been more than 48 hours, or your host or guest has also posted a review, your review can’t be edited or deleted unless it violates our content policy.




Raymond & Elaine in
Paris, France
Level 10

I haven't heard of this before so if some hosts are experiencing it then Airbnb must put it right straight away. Thank you Queenie for pointing this out.

Evelyn in
New York, NY
Level 10

I didn't think this was the case. And it shouldn't be allowed.

Mary in
Indio, CA
Level 2

f it’s been more than 48 hours, or your host or guest has also posted a review, your review can’t be edited or deleted unless it violates our content policy.


as I read this, it says once BOTH reviews are posted NO changes can be made.

Stephanie in
Baltimore, MD
Level 2

I totally agree, they should not be able to be changed once they are written and submitted.


Pauline in
Dunedin, New Zealand
Level 2

Please correct this if this is to happen worldwide.  It makes no sense.

Momi in
Honolulu, HI
Level 10

It doesn't happen at all.  It just simply doesn't. 


People are getting confused: so I will try to make it easier to understand.


If I write a review of my guest, (and the guests has NOT yet written their review of me), then I can edit my review up to 48 hours). 


However, if a guests writes a review of me, (and I have not yet written their review, then the guests  can edit their review up to 48 hours).


But once both parties write their reviews, NO ONE CAN EDIT ANYTHING.  (and stars cannot be added/removed)


And undestand this, neither the guests nor the host can read what each other wrote until both reviews have published on each others accounts or once the 14 days have passed.  In other words, if the hosts writes a review, and the guests does not, Airbnb will not publish the review until 14 days review period is over. 


So it is puzzling to me how many hosts are posting comments that a guests changed their review in retaliation of the hosts bad review because that simply is not true. 


ONE exeption:  If a guests complains to Airbnb about a name being written about in the review that was not given permission to be mentioned by the booked guests, Airbnb has the ability and discretion to remove the travelling guest name at the request of the BOOKED guests.  


Hope this helps clear this up. 

Queenie in
United States
Level 10

Clarification: I am not asking if this situation is possible. It has happened. That is my definition of 'broken'. As a host, we all rely on Airbnb working the way it says it does. This post is simply a statement of AN EVENT THAT OCCURRED that should not be able to occur.


Annette in
Prescott, AZ
Level 10

Queenie, sure, if  this has happened or is happening, then indeed something is very very wrong. But as long as it is vague hearsay, in your own words you say, "I am hearing stories..."  - that is not proof enough. I have seen it often enough here in the forums that  things get wrongly presented as facts when they are just opinions based on misunderstanding or wrong interpretations of the rules - then it snowballs, gets repeated by other people and  a rumor is born.

Yet it is true, I have seen it with my own eyes, that  some hosts got reviews removed  that were NOT slanderous or lies, just mildly critical . So I understand that apparently some hosts or guests have the power to get that done.  That would be in line with the case you here describe. I would just want to see proof, then I'll believe it. 

Queenie in
United States
Level 10

Annette, I see what you're saying. Unfortunately there is no way for me to 'prove it' to you. I could amend my statement to "I am hearing stories from a few hosts whom I trust and respect' but that would not mean anymore than my original statement. After all, that would mean that the reader would have to trust my judgment. All very tenuous. I get that.


I am not claiming that this is a pervasive problem. I am reporting it here because  if it happens to even one host, it needs to be investigated because I would not want to be the next host that it happens to. 



Annette in
Prescott, AZ
Level 10

Queenie, yes.... taking screenshots before and after might be effective... but then, one needs to take screenshots of evrything, because one wouldn't know ahead of time what gets altered....

I would like to see a follow up from that host whom it happened to, at least a screenshot of the now 4 star overall ratings. 

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