Hire Existing Hosts as Remote Case Managers

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I have used Airbnb as a guest since 2013, and as a host just since last month. After this short period hosting I am convinced that Airbnb is not concerned at all about retaining hosts, and I've decided to quit on my own terms after a succesful six weeks before Airbnb's disregard for troublesome guests inevitably brings trouble into my home.


For some hosts quitting is just not an option. Airbnb knows this, they know that you will continue to put up with whatever inconvenience they throw your way because their platform is now part of your livelihood. They know that they can really push you to the limits before you will break because it's now part of your income.


Airbnb is basically our pimp, we are all just whores with a set mileage who Airbnb knows they will have to replace eventually. Just like a pimp, Airbnb has no intention of policing paying guests, even if they sometimes break the rules or cross the line. Airbnb is our Iceberg Slim.


I've read enough of the posts here to understand that we're all on the same boat. The trend seems to be that the worse things are, the more unresponsive Airbnb gets. This was a response from a case manager five days after I reported someone who had booked for a third party:


"Hi Douglas, 

Good day, 

This is (Name Removed) and I am one of the Case Managers from Airbnb. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response. Due to the high amount of inquiries we are currently receiving, we are not always able to respond as quickly as we would like to."


I have a solution Airbnb: HIRE EXISTING HOSTS TO HANDLE THESE CASES FOR YOU, similarly to how you 'hire' them to refer new hosts.  If your current staff has too much on their plate, who better to have as a backup than those who have dealt with these situations already?


If keeping guests to high standards isn't good for business, at least have a sizeable team prepared to deal with complaints from hosts who have to deal with all the subpar guests you are allowing to roam free on your platform despite bad reviews and references.



I really hope I am wrong Airbnb, and that you're not just a heartless pimp who cares more about paying johns than complaining whores. The way you treated me as a host is shameful in comparison to how you've treated me as a guest over the years.



PS: If you love Airbnb so much that my comparison offended you, good.


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