Hosting Requirments

Hosting Requirments

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Has the time come for Airbnb to put the requirements for Hosting on a more legitimate basis?


my list, in no order of importance


  1. Property Owner Documents.

2.Permission of the Landlord.

3.Tax compliment certificate. 

4.The appropriate insurance certificate or alternatively Airbnb take reasonability for the correct insurance of a letting.

5.Proper back ground checks of the Host (no criminal record etc)

6.Property vetting for at least minimum standards (having beds for example)

7.Where its required the appropriate licence to Host.

8.Give Landlords the ability to check the Airbnb's database for illegal property letting, a small fee could be charged for this if the listing does not show up in the search, I'm not naive enough to think that scoundrel will not try to disguise the listing address, but this can be overcome by validation.  


This should clear out tens of thousands of illegal hosts and give compliant Host an ability to make some money and protect the wellbeing of their guests, it's not a level playing field out there at moment.

I have personal experience of this where two of my properties were list on another platform without my permission. Bye the way I’m a hands-on Host.




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@Cormac0 Our nearest municipality has EXTENSIVE regulations so most abb here are illegal. Completely not right to all the hosts who are legal. ABB appears to have no concern to provide legal listing but just more listings. 

They should do better. 

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It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured in one of these non-sanctioned lettings.


Then it will be a case of the landlord not being on top of his brief and a plethora of litigation to follow.


We've all hear the term "Ignorance of the law is no defence".


What will it be under the above circumstances "A landlord ignorance of his tenant's activities is no defence"