How to 'red-flag' guest.

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I work in the lodging industry and we also use Air as an avenue to attract guests.  In our regular business, we have online forums to mark or red-flag guests for their behaviour, payment (or lack thereof), damages, etc.  We don't review our guests unless we are complaining to others in the industry.  However, Air hosts and their respective guests rely heavily on reviews as a means to reduce the risk of having a stranger in our homes.  My question is, other than leaving a public bad review about a guest, is there another means to alert hosts about a particular guest?  For example, I had a recent guest who insisted no paying for one night at a monthly rate versus a single night rate.  Think $48 vs $120/night so that she didn't have to pay the high Air fee.  I get it.  I hate commissions too.  She booked for two weeks and then showed up five days early.  She did call asking if she could come early and when I asked when, she said within the hour.  Hmmph.....her listing indicates she's from CT.  She arrives, I show her to her room and she's all set.  But, we are in the middle of the countryside, miles from anywhere and she comes without a car.  Red flag No. 1.  She only drinks diet pepsi and eats potato chips or chocolate chip cookies all day, although she has use of a kitchen.  Red flag No. 2.  Packages arrive - without any notice that she'd be receiving packages.  When I asked her to tell me that packages are coming because I don't want strange packages left in the building that we aren't expecting, she went on a texting rampage claiming that Air does a full background check on all their customers and she claims not to be a liar (hmmmm.....never indicated she was a liar and as far as I'm concerend), Air doesn't do 'background checks, so wrong, Red flag No. 3.  She is friends with Trump.  Automotic Red flag No. 4 (after I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard).  The building is kept at 70 degrees and I had to go into her room to get a blanket and coverlet for another bed (supplies are in the room she is in) and I notice she has her heat on high; it's 84 degrees in there and she's wearing a sweater.  Red flag No. 5.  Her bathroom is just outside her door and she locks and unlocks her door, but more importantly, locks her room to go the the bathroom which means we all have to listen to her locking and unlocking her room all day and night.  Makes the guest across the hall crazy.  She is clearly a nutter.  As a matter of fact, she paid me by check and the address on the check is for a psych hospital in Durham, NC.  Nice lady, but definitly a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  How do we warn other hosts about this type of guest?

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