I can't deacgtivate my rooms!

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I have sold my house and moved to a much smaller cottage so I won't be doing AirBnB anymore.  I've put both my rooms on hold, but I would like to completely shut down my participation with this platform.  I went into the proper screen and requested termination for both rooms, I give my reasons, enter, and then get a screen asking to confirm my cancelation, but the button is greyed and not functioning.  Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?  I'm not getting any reservation requests since I put my rooms on hold, but I'd rather take them off completely.  Funny thing, Airbnb just renewed my Super Host status, which reminded me that I needed to resign!


Cormac0 in
Kraków, PL
Level 10




I'm not seeing your listing attached to your profile, so presumably it has been removed?

Emiel1 in
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Level 10
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