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As a host, sometimes it is difficult to obtain reviews for your listing. As a host and a traveler, I ALWAYS write a review for every encounter. I think it would be nice if people had an incentive to write a review, which would hopefully generate more reviews for hosts and travelers, in turn enhancing the overall experience. Perhaps offering people 10% off their next stay, or something along those lines, to encourage reviews. 


Just a thought!

Kraków, Poland
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I thought staying in stellar accommodation at a very reasonable price would be incentive enough, like your place for example!





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Christchurch, New Zealand
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My listing shows 85 reviews of which I have had but to be honest I would have had at least 20 stays that don't do reviews. As a host we have to do reviews which goes on our guests reviews even if they don't do one for the host. I think Airbnb should not put guest reviews on their site unless they do one for the host as well. Does anyone else feel the same???


Danville, IL
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I worry that since I, as a host, have to leave a review first.  If you are honest about a not-so-great guest, he/she could leave a horrible review about their host full of lies. 

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