Identification of private and commercial hosts

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by Administrator on ‎11-08-2017 04:57 AM - last edited 4 weeks ago

This content has been translated and reposted from Florian & Theresa from the German language to English. We cannot ensure the precise accuracy and appreciate your understanding!


There should be an easy way to identify whether a host is operating privately or commercially. In Germany in particular, there are significant restrictions for private hosts, and private hosts cannot be compared with commercial providers. A label to indicate the type of host would provide guests with an accurate basis on which to decide which "host experience" they want to choose. I would suggest using the following labels:
- Private host
- Commercial host
- Professional property management

Guests may also find it helpful to know about the host's availability. I would suggest using the following labels:
- Live-in host (host lives in the same accommodation/in the same building)
- Host or co-host is the local contact
- Professional property management at the destination

Does that work? Do you have any additions or other categories?


Response from Airbnb


Thank you for this great suggestion. We understand that different kinds of hosts can offer different guest experiences. We also agree that it’s important to clarify the differences so that guests can more easily identify which properties will serve their needs, and which hosts are better positioned to meet guests’ expectations. The Airbnb team is currently looking into ways to collect more information from hosts to better clarify property differences to guests. Stay tuned!


Status: Planned
by Administrator
4 weeks ago
Status changed to: Planned
by Volker

Good, get on it guest want it too

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