Identify 3rd party administered homes

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If a host is not acting on their own behalf, this should be noted on the listing profile somewhere.  If their property is being administered by a 3rd party property management company, it should be absolutely transparent to the guest that the person in the picture is not really their "host".  

I would not want to stay at a property where I had to go pick up keys at a kiosk or that the host is not even aware that I am staying in their home.  That is way too much like a hotel (pick your keys up at the desk, we don't care who you are just pay us).  

Keith1 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 10

I believe the co-host feature addresses these issues.

The guest can see if responses are from the host or their co-host.


Alice-and-Jeff0 in
Durham, NC
Level 10

This week alone I came across 3 profiles that were CLEARLY management companies but only 1 said so directly.  One profile had 226 listings.  226!!!!  Many on resort properties across the country. One had 33 listings but they clearly said they were a management and rental company for luxury condos.  What happened to the boutique and unique property arrangement that Airbnb says is important to be a qualified listing on their site?  There should be an identifier on each and every property and on the host's profile.  

Debby-And-Kevin0 in
Bend, OR
Level 10

@Alice-and-Jeff0  Couldn't agree more! It was hoped that airbnb IT might make us a special tag, but hope was dashed. I simply make note of it (on-site host) in our initial blurb. We're pretty full all the time, and we have had great luck with our guests. 

Keith1 in
San Francisco, CA
Level 10

The listing denotes the co host.. here's my listing:


scroll way down to "About the Home"  you'll see "hostwell helps host"



Michele4 in
Munich, Germany
Level 9

Agree! Commercial/private would really clarify things

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