Include number of guests on calendar export

Include number of guests on calendar export

* Fellow hosts. If you agree, please give this idea the thumbs up so it reaches the product team!


Please include the number of guests (and any additional info we have included in the notes) in the calendar export. Like many other hosts, we are forced to set up an entirely separate calendar for our cleaners with this information on because AirBnB's calendar doesn't support this information. If the AirBnB calendar export included the number of guests staying (+ additional info we write in the notes such as whether they have a late check-out, whether there are infants, etc) then we could operate entirely from the air bnb site. As it stands - we are doubling our work just for the sake of the lack of this feature.


If you agree - please comment, reply or thumbs up! From Air BnB: "The way Host Voice works is that it is based on the support (thumbs up) the idea gets, so it really is the Community that drives an idea. Due to the volume and to show that an idea is something that the wider community would like to see then only the most popular ideas will be shown to the Product Team."


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I've been asking for this FOR YEARS!    It's hard to understand why Airbnb won't do anything about it until an arbitrary number of thumbs ups are applied.  Hosts OBVIOUSLY depend on this information.  So Airbnb instead of REACTING to requests and complaints, why don't you go back to your roots and PROACTIVELY delight your hosts by giving them something that is fundamental to being a good host!  


Because I am so unhappy with the way Airbnb treats host requests, I have created listings on most of the competitive sites like VRBO.   This is to manage against the risk that Airbnb will stop innovating, stop respecting its hosts' needs, stop being focused on WHY they're so successful!  

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Actually, if Airbnb do not create this feature , I will have to cancel my AirBnb account. I cannot continue to manage my properties this way. 


This is BASIC hosting information. To have it missing from a booking calendar is very cowboyish. 


What's annoying even more perhaps, is the superfluous information they do provide in the calendar export. 


So much needless redundant information. 

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Thanks for commenting and keeping it on their radar. Apparently there was not enough support for this topic to be put to the product team before - ridiculous! We just have to hope enough people see this (keep commenting!!!) and support it. 

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I have a hotel and many properties I manage. I just started using AirBnb very late on. Every booking system I used had the number of guests in the calender export. 


Your problem is that you took this as a feature request. It's a bug. That's why it hasn't been implemented. It's not a novel idea to go and add the number of guests who have booked in the calendar export. It's the most crucial information. 


Why are we begging for this to be added ? Have they no shame ?? It's this something that we should have to be asking for ??


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Currently, the only embedded AirBnB feature to allow cleaners access to the calendar is to elevate their status to full Co-Hosts. This has led to an issue in which my cleaner sent an unprompted, unprofessional message directly to a guest after reading his review, which spurred a huge headache.  She was never asks to interact with guests, so this was unexpected, as she was only included to look at the calendar. : (

Needless to say, I am searching for a way to automate information to reach our cleaners without making them equally responsible for guest interactions, pricing, etc.  The calendar export seemed like the perfect solution until I realized it does not show the number of guests.  From a quick archive search, it looks like this has been a reported, known issue for years without response. That makes me sad, as it seems like it would be such an easy fix.  

For now, I suppose I will still use the exported calendar in order to communicate check-out dates with the cleaners, and I will manually add the number of guests for each reservation.  This seems like it will be difficult to keep up with and control for errors.


Please let me know if you are able to improve this feature, AirBnB!


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Hello Allen


This is precisely why I do not give the cleaning team access to a co hosting account. 


I'm actually so surprised that there is not much discussion for this bug fix.