Instant Book should remain an OPTION for hosts, not mandatory.

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For hosts who like to use Instant book, then this is a good system for them. However, I like to know who is coming into my home, but more importantly, the room is not always avaialble for use as Airbnb accommodation. I have friends and family who come and stay with me, or I go away. I need to be able to  control of the spaces in my house and who I share with...

Akosua0 in
New York, NY
Level 2

I agree. I concur with her rationale 

Cathy65 in
Bloomington, IN
Level 10

Absolutely! My home is not a hotel. I am screening guests carefully, as I am an older woman. Could not deal with being forced to accept reservations blind.

Régine12 in
Landerneau, FR
Level 2

Je suis aussi d' accord. La formule est bonne pour les guest mais je trouve qu' en tant qu' hôte, je devrai avoir 2 h. pour confirmer le termps de vérifier le profil et surout les avis de précédents hôtes.


Vanessa16 in
England, United Kingdom
Level 2
Instant book is optional.
Cathy65 in
Bloomington, IN
Level 10

Vanessa, apparently IB is mandatory for new hosts, and there has been great pressure to use it. HORRIBLE idea, and hosts would leave in droves. I could not deal with being forced to accept random guests with no screening.

Jenny91 in
Málaga, Spain
Level 2

I like it but you have to be VERY careful to make sure you make dates unavailable on your calendar and ALWAYS check Airbnb and block the dates BEFORE you accept anyone else. I got in a mess a few weeks ago because two requests came in simultaneously. I accepted the first one, then found Airbnb had already booked another person in. I had to cancel Airbnb's guest and they have put a note on my page saying  I cancelled a booking 18 days before it was due to start. This, although I cancelled within minutes of them booking. I thought that was very harsh and it makes it look as if I cancelled a longstanding booking at short notice. 

Antoinette10 in
Garland, TX
Level 2

It is optional and you can use it or not by just clicking the setting. It was not mandatory for me even when i was a new host.

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Carolyn-And-Don0 in
Shelton, WA
Level 3

Absolutely! Force me to Instant Book, and I'm gone. The appeal of Airbnb is the ability to have a little dialogue with guests and get a feel for who's a good match for our quirky space. 


Rachel194 in
New Orleans, LA
Level 2

My house is a home, not a hotel.  I travel frequently for work and need to have some measure of when and how I will accept bookings and to ensure that it's a good fit.  I am going to deactivate my listing if AirBnb persists in devaluing their brand which used to be something. It's ridiculous that by default a guest only sees IB hosts and would have to know what it meant if they saw the little tag where it's possible to remove that filter.

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