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Hello.  I wanted to charge for a weekend at my place with a chef doing the cooking on Saturday night.  I see people cooking for others all the time so a Chef seemed like a fun option.  


I was told that my insurance company won't allow it??  I am confused becuase Chef's carry 1-2 million on their insurance policies.  


I am wondering what Airbnb's insurance rules are about food and about having a Chef on site to cook?   I thought there might be potential through Experiences but again I am not certain what the rules are about food.  



Bert at NoWorriesChalet

in Ottawa Canada

Christine615 in
Kansas City, MO
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Even if the chef does carry their own insurance, that doesn’t protect you if you are charging people for the experience. If someone gets hurt or sick The chef might be liable but so will you. The chefs insurance isn’t going to cover you. And Airbnb‘s insurance is not going to cover that. So you need to talk to your own personal insurance agent about a personal liability umbrella or whatever insurance you would need to cover you in the event that something goes wrong.

Bert And Pat in
Ottawa, Canada
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If I charge people to stay at my place and they order the Chef does that work? 


I find it odd that many folks are giving away food and leaving it for their guests and they could get sick from it but if you have a qualified Chef with insurance that is an issue.  Is that weird or am I still confused.

Christine615 in
Kansas City, MO
Level 10

Because "leaving food" for guests is a different type of liability than charging specifically for a food related event in which the Chef is cooking but the host is getting paid for hosting the event and is fully in charge. She has "contracted" with the Chef who has his/her own liability insurance, but she's still considered the employer and as such, is going to be a principal party if there is ever a dispute over someone getting sick.

Having food in your house is secondary to people renting the house. Having food at an event (like going to a restaurant event) is the primary reason people are paying to come to the event.

So no - she's not covered by someone else's insurance. Doesn't work that way. It only works if the Chef organizes the event and is paid directly by the patrons.

That's the difference.


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