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Maps no longer show, how will guests know where the listing is located? Please bring it back, essential for happy guests and hosts. Really, PLEASE.

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

For my travels,  I only use Map search or a district search.  I and most travelers have an idea of where they want to be while vacationing or working.  It is way too much trouble to randomly search through hundereds of listing to find the one near a venue or a university or worse end up miles from a destination.


This is my third spring hosting and the first one which is not fully booked in March and April with guests working at Vanderbilt University or having treatments at the medical center which is two blocks away.  My location is ideal for people coming into town for events at any of the 2 universities, 1 college and 2 sports venues...all easy walking distance.


I cannot help but think that it is the loss of the map that is affecting my bookings.


An example:

Cities like Miami have an extensive district search, but I don’t recognize the majority of the neighborhoods suggested.  I do know the town a bit and I know I need the convention center and I know I don’t want to stay in South Beach.  MAP SEARCH!


My city, Nashville,  is abut 25 miles across and has 3200 Abnb hosts.  There are no district areas in the filter.  The hosts need map search and the guests need map search.


Why on earth did Airbnb first change it, making it hard to find and now, disappear italtogether.

They aren’t doing guests any favors.

Sandra126 in
Daylesford, AU
Level 10

@Amy38. exactly. It is lessening the functionality. I am in the country, but guests want to know where the properties are, are they within walking distance to where they want to be (weddings, restaurants etc) or is it deep in the forest? Should be so simple. Quick map view. This is a mistake.

Michael1569 in
Orchard Park, NY
Level 1

It is sooo annoying to find a house without the map search.  I dont know why its not showing u on phones or laptops anymore.  I get so frustraied i end up leaving the site.  If the map issue is gone and not just an issue with my phone then it NEEDS to come back!!

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

There is a tiny pin on the bottom right  of the district  map of a house you are looking at, but you would have to be seriously computer savy to see and recognize it. Mapsearch should be some sort of in your face option next to Where do you want to go? or the first item when you hit the listings.


This is bad for both host and guest.

Daniel1346 in
Boston, MA
Level 1

Agreed. I can’t use Airbnb now as is. I’m trying to get a place near a wedding venue but if I can’t look it up by map it’s not worth it 

Peter838 in
Bratislava Region, Slovakia
Level 2

I'm also confused. I was checking out Airbnb before and wanted to start using it soon. But now I don't know how. What am I gonna do with a list of 30 items that all say the name of the same town?


This makes me so sad. 

Yvonne212 in
Calgary, Canada
Level 1

If I travel anywhere and look for accommodation I do so with a map. Bring the mapview back. I don’t want to look at 100 + listings to find the one with the best location for my trip. If you don’t know a City very well the listings with the community name are useless. Now it will take way longer to find the place. Then I can go and book a motel. Save myself a lot of time and hassle.

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10
Now map search is right there when you ask to explore homes in a location on a full computer, but still MIA on a tablet.
Leslie216 in
St. Augustine, FL
Level 1

i am using a laptop and having trouble finding the map for domestic locations. european locales have the map! i will try your suggestion about the pin.

Jeff-And-April0 in
Denver, CO
Level 1

I agree, without map view airbnb is totally useless. I'll be searching on homeaway for the time being.


**Edit - when I searched a european town as suggested above (i.e. Barcelona), the map popped up. Then when I searched domestic locations in the same window the map remained available. Not sure what is causing this bug/behavior.

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