Map view missing

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Maps no longer show, how will guests know where the listing is located? Please bring it back, essential for happy guests and hosts. Really, PLEASE.

Darijen0 in
Tonbridge, United Kingdom
Level 1

Without the 'Search by map location' feature the site is far too time consuming and annoying to bother with.  What is airbnb playing at?  Bring it back!

Liz302 in
Pasig, Philippines
Level 1

I was browsing for Homes, baffled why I suddenly do not have map view (when I surely had it yesterday), then I found this discussion and 1 other.

About to post a comment, when I realized I have to sign back in to my account because I cleaned my browser cache and cookies. Now the map view is showing!

Hope it's just false alarm and I was worried for nothing. Still a little concerned though, since a number of people are saying to be experiencing this. Are you folks who are not able to see map view signed in to your accounts?

Paul967 in
Adelaide, Australia
Level 1

I completely agree. If I can't see where properties are in relation to where I need to go, AirBNB has suddenly ceased to be useful.  I am now forced to go back to using Google Maps to find hotels near to the venue.  AirBNB just lost a stay.

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