Modify Moderate Cancellation Policy

Modify Moderate Cancellation Policy

Now that Airbnb has provided a number of options for "risk-free" cancellations before a reservation - including 48 hours to cancel, 3 free a year, the Extenuating Circumstances Policy, split payments, delayed payments, and making the guest agree explicitly to the cancellation policy prior to booking - it's time to modify the middle cancellation policy to be more strict as the date of the reservation is pending.  Today the end of the grace period is at 5 days.  Even your algorithym admits that open reservation dates with less than a week to go are a detriment and Smart Pricing drops those open dates to the minimum long before then.  So a cancellation at 6 days will likely go unfulfilled and the host, after holding that reservation for weeks or months, will receive nothing.  With all the options for the guest to cancel prior to 5 days out or penalty free if they have a legit issue fitting the Extenuating Circumstances policy, the penalty phase of Moderate cancellation should start at 14 days.  2 weeks prior is plenty of time to know if you are not going on a holiday and want to cancel penalty-free.  It will also protect hosts who are popular and could book in advance had the guest not blocked the time.  2 weeks to try to rebook is a reasonable amount of time to get another booking so if the host should, indeed, rebook, the guest would get a full refund, otherwise they would be partially penalized as they are today. 

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I totally agree.  There should be a middle ground between the strict (too extreme) and moderate (far too lenient).  We've had three "emergency" cancellations 5 days out and very difficult to re-book with such a short window.

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Agreed. Very little chance of rebooking in 5 days....

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All - this suggestion was archived so Airbnb isn't going to move it to popular.  I've started a discussion link that I would really like your feedback.  Once we've discussed it as a group of hosts, I'll try to formulate another modification request to get the requisite number of upvotes to move it to the Popular category and considered for implementation.  


Discussion here:

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Totally agree. I posted a very similar idea last year re more options and flexibility for cancellations. Some people also suggest the option to have different policies for different times of year, also makes a lot of sense. My post currently has 34 upvotes, so please add yours, and maybe Airbnb will start to take some notice!