Name on profile MUST match their I.D.

Status changed to: Not in Plan - Considering Alternative

I have had guests not list their correct name but a 'handle' or 'nick name' or first name only. They often won't post a photo either. Yet they can come into my home, my privacy and my life so that I'm am 100% exposed to them. I request Goverment I.D. upon arrival, but it shouldn't have to be like that. They should be who they say they are,  not some alias. Airbnb should list their correct name and make sure it matches their bank account/references etc.

Response from Airbnb

Thank you for this Idea. Understanding what hosts and guests need in order to feel comfortable and trust each other is one of our top priorities, and we’re always working on ways we can improve. In this instance, you can check the verifications that a guest has completed, and you can always view the guest’s profile by clicking on their name or profile photo. We have spent significant time thinking about user names and pictures. The name a guest chooses is a form of personal expression, just like the guest’s profile photo. For this reason, we will continue to allow guests to choose the name that represents them on Airbnb. Moving forward, we are considering a solution in which we share the guest’s name from their verified ID with the host while still letting the guest choose the profile name that publicly represents them on Airbnb. We believe it’s possible to have both personal expression and a verification process that makes both hosts and guests comfortable.

Asborg in
Altea, Spain
Level 1

Agree with you!

Darlene8 in
Calgary, Canada
Level 2


Katherine41 in
Pittsford, NY
Level 2

Yes, in those situations you don't know if you're putting yourself in danger.

Debs in
Fairfield, IA
Level 3

nice to know people agree with me!

Mary & Jeff in
San Diego, CA
Level 3

Yes, I agree and there should always be a photo! ! ! 

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Jude7 in
Rhinebeck, NY
Level 10

In addition to the comments already shared, I would like to add that it should be mandatory for profile information to be completed before a guest is allowed to book or inquire. I've lost count of the number of inquiries I have received from prospective guests with no reviews (understandable) and nothing personal shared - profiles completely blank.


"Profile" should be a mandatory field before a guest can book.



June16 in
Monterey Park, CA
Level 2

i agree

Coleen2 in
Lège-Cap-Ferret, France
Level 4

Definitely agree! Last guest was a bit of a fraud as far as information went. All ID should be verified and checked thouroughly before they are allowed to book with any one. She or her teenager broke into my private areas and made me feel uncomfortable in my own home.A more comprehensive screening procedure might have saved me that trouble. 

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
Status changed to: Under Consideration

The status of this Idea has been changed to Under Consideration. The Ideas in Host Voice with the most Thumbs Up are reviewed closely by the Airbnb product team. The status of this Idea will be updated according to this discussion. We appreciate your patience as we try to thoughtfully listen and respond to this Idea.

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