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Airbnb has one of the most difficult search engines of any site I've used as a host and traveler.   You cannot search for a rental by name, and the filter criteria seem really limited.   I recently was trying to search for waterfront or lakefront property-- Since there is not a filter for such, I typed in "tennessee lakefront" or "tn waterfront" both sent me to properties in New Tazewell tn, with only 2 properties found.  As my listing is in Tennessee and all over the listing is "waterfront," "lakefront," "riverfront," etc, I'm not certain why it  didn't come up.  I have never been able to find my listing except for in a map search.  I know this limits exposure for lakefront properties as most of them are a little outside cities and have to be "found" on the map by the traveler.  I would love the ability to filter it as such for my traveling as well as for my listing.  I've noticed you can put in swimming pool on the filter criteria as well as other apartment amenities--I'd say those criteria are developed from folks who may live in more crowded northeastern states who are not aware of the landscapes in the more spread out areas.  I tend to see a good portion of rentals in our area as well as other tennessee areas being in homes as opposed to apartments or condos. 


Thanks for the consideration!



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