New Strict Cancellation Policies.

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I have concerns with details of this policy, but overall am in favor of it.  

For starters, we, as hosts only get 24 hours to make any decisions regarding cancelling. The same should apply to guests. Please change to 24 hours penalty-free grace period from 48 hrs.  This will also make it more difficult for those who go around booking several different places until they find the cheapest and then cancelling the rest. 

Second, when a guest books, they are given our personal information, specifically, our location address and our phone numbers. Please set the programming so this information is not released until AFTER the grace period has expired. This is for OUR safety. 

Thank you.

Teresa377 in
Afton, OK
Level 2

I agree.  The only reason for a lenient policy allows someone to hold your property while they search for something better. In the interim--someone could NOT book yours because it shows booked.  When you have small windows of opportunity (lake properrty in Oklahoma usually rents some June, most of July and maybe a bit of August)--someone cancelling can cause a great burden on the host.  It should be our own right to run our business as we see fit on cancellations.  You're infringing on my right as a business owner.

Susan598 in
Urrbrae, Australia
Level 5

I agree with the issue of address and phone number release before the grace period is over. Many of us post floor plans, so this is a great resource for break-and-enter professionals. And it's free!! 

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