On Prices ! Criticism and consequence that makes sense !

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What if Airbnb gave the guests a warning when they are about to mark 4 or less than 4 star for the price, informing that they  will not be able to book the same accommodation again?

Why giving a warning? There are some guests that say the accommodation is good, has great location but mark 3 or 4 stars for the price.

If the guest can not gladly afford the accommodation, Airbnb in a future should offer the guest cheaper accommodations instead of suggesting that the property owner should lower its prices.

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good idea!

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only seasoned Airbnb guests seem to understand the rating system.

it is turning into likes (facebook style)  soon we will have to post selfies with duck lips just saying 



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Oh PLEASE do this! I would NEVER let to anyone who had marked me down.  One of the multitude of reasons I removed IB.

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In this topic (following link)


there are more justifications and motives to support the aforementioned suggestion.

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In addition to this, hosts get warning to decrease prices or wil be REMOVED from listings if guests book cheaper places in the area!

My supercomfortable listing is thus compared to simple and modest ones. Statistic of the area is usefull, but AirBnbers can not force people to operate at a loss

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@José Renato


I suggest Airbnb write: "Thank you for letting us know that this listing is below par and not worth 5 stars.  We will remove it from your future searches."

It kills two birds with one stone: It educates the guest - they now know that 5 stars = Pass and anything less is a Fail and that they will never see the listing again thus they will not be able to book it again.

I have had guests mark me down for the craziest of reasons and then try to book again later in the year or the following year and off the Airbnb platform no less!  Really! No way.




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Great idea @Mirjana and @Ange

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