Outside Spaces as a featured Amenity

Outside Spaces as a featured Amenity

Gardens, Patios, Balconies, Roof Terraces, Courtyards, Outdoor kitchens and dining areas, BBQ facilities, Secure Bicycle Storage etc. - these are very important features of a property which are currently overlooked in the Amenities list. I'd like to see these outside spaces added in a new section of the amenities area which could include parking spaces, garages etc. (everything OUTSIDE of the actual living accommodation). Bizarrely, swimming pools (a relatively rare luxury!) are listed, but the humble yet desirable garden is not.

Having access to an outside space would be particularly important to:

- guests with pets

- guests with children

- guests who want to relax in a garden or other outside space

- guests with bicycles / pushchairs / mobility scooters etc.

- long-term guests who want 'lifestyle' choices

- guests who want to smoke but only outdoors

- any guest who enjoys fresh air!

There would need to be a distinction between private and communal facilities. Who wants to wade through every single potential listing to find these gems when a simple amenity filter can do this for you?

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I completely agree. We offer a private backyard and garden space that our Airbnb space almost exclusively has access to  

Could somebody please add the tags 'amenity filters' & 'amenity options' to this this thread? Thanks!

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cancel that request - I managed to do it myself (after refreshing the page my options returned!)

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Love this idea! Please share so this can become a reality!

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Airbnb really do need to add this option.  It is soooo frustrating to have to click on every property you think you may like just to see if it has an outside space.  I have given up many times and sorted accommodation elsewhere.

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I'm looking for an hose with garden but is not possible to apply this filter, anyone knows if they are going to add this feature?





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Please Airbnb add this option! We're seriously considering getting a hotel because we don't have time to look through every listing to find apartments with outdoor space!!!

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I totally agree.  This is a massive oversight for customers with young children as it can make or break the trip.  Please add this feature, I'm sure all the homes with amazing outside spaces will benefit from this through added bookings.

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Yes, please! I am looking for a month rental with some outdoor access and I am surprised there already isn't a filter for this!?! I can't imagine being cooped up in a place with out at least a balcony and going through each and every apartment is really time consuming. Some listings show a balcony (I think) but actually make no mention of it in the description of the space....so. Please add the filter. Thanks to all who wrote and added before me. 🙂

Airbnb have added:

- BBQ Grill

- Patio or Balcony

- Garden or Backyard

...to the amenties section (extra ones - you need to dig a little deeper on the desktop version - not sure these are accessible from the app.)


However, I don't think you can filter a search looking FOR these amenities yet! If I am wrong, please let me know!

Keep up the pressure! We need ALL things searchable to make it effective! 🙂